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A restaurant recipe worth $50,000

Beylka Krupp doesn’t enter too many cooking or baking contests.

But something was different about the Neighborhood to Nation Recipe Contest from General Mills Foodservice.

“There are so many contests out there and they take away from my work time and my family time so I really don’t get that heavily involved in them, because I really prefer the validation of the customers on a daily basis as opposed to looking farther outside of our own environment,” said Krupp, of Wobble Café in Ossining, New York. “But the idea behind Neighborhood to Nation, and bringing small family businesses and independent retailers to the attention of the nation, was the drive behind the application.”

It’s a good thing she made the decision to enter and create the delicious recipe she came up with.

At an event yesterday at our headquarters, she was named the Grand Prize winner in the Neighborhood to Nation contest.

She won $50,000! ($40,000 cash plus $10,000 for a charity of her choice).


Beylka Krupp, left, with chef Amanda Freitag, middle, and Danielle Benson of General Mills, right.

“It’s so wonderful to receive the validation for all the hard work and to know that the pairing is great – the pairing between my skills and the really great products that General Mills puts out there. It’s fabulous,” Krupp said.

(Hear more from Krupp in my interview with her)


Krupp‘s recipe entry was her Shrimp Étouffée, which brought a Cajun/creole flavor to her restaurant. While it is a dish traditionally served with crawfish, her version uses shrimp, which she believes makes it more approachable and also includes a delicious blend of tomato, garlic, onion, cream, Cajun spice and herbs – served with rice and cornbread.


It’s now on her restaurant’s menu, for her customers to enjoy often.

Krupp prides herself on operating a truly family-friendly restaurant. The Wobble Café is a cozy neighborhood eatery where families come to get a great meal while enjoying the comforts of what she calls an “all are welcome” atmosphere. Children are welcome, and catered to, which gives parents peace of mind.


The Neighborhood to Nation Recipe Contest, which accepted entries last August and September, celebrates independent family or neighborhood restaurants from around the U.S. and their one-of-a-kind dishes that reflect their local flavor.

Foodservice operators, chefs and line cooks submitted their favorite original breakfast, entrée or dessert recipes using at least one ingredient from General Mills’ list of eligible products.

Krupp was one of the three finalists in the contest, who each won $10,000. The other two were Donal Clark of Miller’s Seawall Grill in Galveston, Texas , and Diane (DeDe) Johnson of Johnson’s Farm Restaurant in Orange, Massachusetts.

“To see these finalists, and the enthusiasm they had and the excitement that they had – they’re so proud of what they do every day and we’re proud of them – it’s fun to give back to their hard work,” said Danielle Benson, associate channel manager for General Mills Foodservice. “They are really the heart and the spirit of their towns. We could not have three operators that embody that more than these three.”

(Hear more from Danielle in this audio clip)


Clark’s recipe submission for the contest was a Pecan Chocolate Ganache Brownie Cake, which has been a hit at his restaurant. Using a Gold Medal brownie mix, the moist chocolate cake is topped with a ganache and pecans.


Donal Clark, Miller’s Seawall Grill.

Johnson submitted a Yogurt Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake, based on a recipe from an old church cookbook that she has made many times over the years and one that has become a fan favorite at her restaurant. This particular version substitutes Yoplait yogurt for sour cream.


Diane (DeDe) Johnson, Johnson’s Farm Restaurant.

Before the big announcement, each of the chefs took part in some events at our headquarters, which included a “Taste Talks” Q&A with celebrity chef Amanda Freitag. It was hosted by our Food Content and Convenience & Foodservice teams, and also attended by employees interested in learning more about her food inspirations and her career.

Freitag, of Food Network’s show “Chopped,” was invited to be the host of the Neighborhood to Nation finale festivities.

Amanda Freitag

After her talk, Freitag also spent some time in a discussion with the three contest finalists, sharing more insight about her work at her restaurant, Empire Diner in New York City.


The three finalists then had a chance to mingle with employees at our headquarters, as they served up samples of their recipes in our cafeteria during lunch.


The busy day ended with Freitag announcing Krupp as the Grand Prize winner.

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Restaurants can also contact their General Mills Foodservice sales rep for details on the 2nd annual Neighborhood to Nation Recipe Contest which kicks off in January 2016.

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