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Canada’s Yoplait Yop gets a makeover

Yoplait Yop, the drinkable yogurt favored by teens in Canada, received an all-around makeover from inside the bottle – now tasting better and with fewer ingredients – to outside the bottle with eye-catching packaging and a re-sealable cap.

“Yop needed a refresh, so we gave it an improved taste and a more modern look that makes it stand out on the shelf,” says Brett Bergmann, marketing manager for Yoplait Canada’s Kids division.

The reformulated product, typically consumed at breakfast, hit store shelves in January.

Yop comes in eight flavors in Canada: banana, blueberry, cherry, peach, raspberry, strawberry-banana, strawberry and vanilla.


The old bottle had two flaws, according to Brett. First, he says many consumers could not tell what flavor was in it by looking at its older 1980s design. Now, with brighter colors and a cleaner look it’s easier to differentiate the flavors.

The other problem was that it did not have a re-sealable cap, something many teens favor.

Early indications are that consumers have embraced the changes, based on feedback from Canadian consumers. For the desired teen market, Yop now competes with energy drinks, sodas and juices.

In addition to Canada, Yop is available in France, Belgium, the UK, Ireland, Spain and Switzerland.

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