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Frozen pizza “delivery” in Greece

Pizza “delivery” courtesy of the Pillsbury Doughboy has arrived in Greece. But in this case, delivery is from the freezer instead of a pizzeria – the way most pizza-loving Greeks choose to eat their pizzas.

General Mills Hellas hopes to take a big bite out of the pizza market with the February introduction of two varieties of Pillsbury Home Delivery frozen pizzas.


General Mills expects to compete not only with its frozen pizza rivals, but also with delivery chains.

In Greece, pizza is the second most popular delivery food in the country after Greek kebabs. “Pizza is for Greeks what burgers are for Americans,” says Athina Kaldi, marketing manager for General Mills Hellas.


For the past four years, General Mills Hellas has worked on developing a frozen dough product that resonated with consumers. The team met with dozens of consumers and discovered opportunities in the country’s frozen pizza market.

“We were investigating unmet needs in the market, and frozen pizza was the clear winner,” says Athina. “We learned that consumers deeply disliked the range of pizzas available in frozen due to the bad quality of the dough, and usually opt for delivery, although it is more expensive.”

General Mills Hellas knew it could change consumers’ perspective with Pillsbury dough since the trusted brand already has a number of products on the market including chilled pizza dough. The Pillsbury brand debuted in Greece in 1999.

“Pillsbury is almost synonymous with pizza dough for Greeks,” says Athina. “This gives consumers the seal of guarantee that our frozen pizza will solve their problem.”


There’s at least one Greek twist on the Pillsbury Home Delivery pizza, and that’s the inclusion of the popular Gouda cheese. The cheese variety of Pillsbury Home Delivered includes mozzarella, Gouda and cheddar. The meat version includes smoked ham, bacon, and Gouda and mozzarella cheeses. Each package of Pillsbury Home Delivery contains two large pizzas.

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