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Rainbow Chip Frosting is coming back!

We have big news about Betty Crocker’s Rainbow Chip Frosting – it’s coming back!

And no one is happier about that announcement than Ben Johnson. He was the first fan of the frosting to find out, during a visit to General Mills headquarters this afternoon.

The Betty Crocker team threw him a surprise birthday party “re-do” complete with treats topped with Rainbow Chip Frosting.


Johnson, from Seattle, was invited to meet with the Betty Crocker team, he assumed the brand just wanted to talk with him about the frosting. He had started a Change.org petition that garnered more than 7,000 signatures and counting.

He had no idea what was waiting for him when he walked into the room that was decorated for his party.

Rainbow Chip Frosting is back!

Ben Johnson started a petition to ask Betty Crocker to bring back Rainbow Chip Frosting. Today, the brand threw him a surprise party and told him it was comi…

“I’m feeling overwhelmed, in a really good way,” said Johnson. “I would have never expected anything like this to happen. It’s a wonderful thing and I feel like Betty Crocker has something to be very proud of for their customers and their fans. People like me who are a fan from a very young age.”

Johnson’s love for Rainbow Chip frosting started on his sixth birthday. He told us his mother is typically a scratch baker, but when he begged for a birthday cake made with Party Rainbow Chip Cake and Rainbow Chip Frosting, she granted his wish. She made the Bundt cake recipe that is on the back of the box, and he still remembers the cake and that birthday like it was yesterday.

The Rainbow Chip cake and frosting combination became a birthday ritual for him.


But a few years ago, he was throwing a going away party for a close friend that was moving, so he naturally went to the baking aisle to pick up the ingredients to make his go-to cake. He found the mix, but couldn’t find Rainbow Chip Frosting. He quickly learned the frosting had been discontinued in the summer of 2013.

Johnson wasn’t alone in his love for Rainbow Chip with a desire to see it return to store shelves. A Facebook page (“Bring back Rainbow Chip Frosting”) also was created.

A certain international pop star even chimed in last October.

In the grand scheme of “lost foods,” Rainbow Chip wasn’t gone for long. But desperate fans have been paying as much as $200 or more for a can of the frosting on eBay. And thousands of people have contacted Betty Crocker and our Consumer Relations team, begging for its return.

rainbow chip frosting

“We replaced Rainbow Chip with Rainbow Sprinkle because we thought consumers would like the sprinkles better,” says Melissa Gallant, marketing manager for Betty Crocker. “We were wrong.”


“We heard you loud and clear that the chips in the frosting are what make it unique and there is no substitute,” Melissa says. “We were blown away by the passion to bring Rainbow Chip back and we worked hard to make that happen.”

The Betty Crocker team has been in contact with Johnson for over a year, and even shipped him the last few cases of the frosting that existed with the brand, back in 2013. The package was delivered at his apartment that Christmas Eve. He still refers to that as his “Christmas Miracle!”


Rainbow Chip Frosting, with its multi-colored candy chips mixed throughout the frosting and creamy texture, will be at retailers nationwide starting in July.

But if you’re like Ben, and just can’t wait, stay tuned to the General Mills and Betty Crocker social media accounts in the days ahead for information about a sweepstakes opportunity for 100 lucky fans to be among the first in America to get their hands on Rainbow Chip Frosting before it hits store shelves.

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