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A cereal partnership turns 25

Cereal Partners Worldwide – General Mills’ joint venture with Nestlé – turns 25 this year.

To celebrate, CPW has unveiled its its new purpose, “We Make Breakfast Better,” which is an effort to reenergize employees and consumers around the world with information about the benefits of eating a healthy breakfast.


“We’re spreading the nutritional word that a good breakfast can start with cereal.” says Dave Homer, CPW’s chief executive officer.

Employees in several CPW locations have taken part in a number of events this month to celebrate, including in Australia, Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland and Taiwan.


CPW is the second largest cereal maker in the world, and has brought more than 50 cereal brands to 150 countries.

From its earliest days in 1990, CPW developed an entrepreneurial culture that was often described as “the power of the big and the spirit of the small.” CPW grew rapidly around the world, particularly in emerging markets where the idea of eating cereal for breakfast was novel.

CPW has taken several steps to improve the perceived health profile and image of its cereals to reignite the category.

-Last November, CPW introduced the first gluten-free cereal in Europe – Gluten Free Corn Flakes.


-In February, CPW introduced a low-sugar version of Cheerios, more closely resembling the U.S. version of the cereal in the United Kingdom.

-In March, CPW unveiled a reformulated Fitness Original cereal with 30 percent less sugar by increasing the amount of whole wheat and rice. The reformulated cereal debuted throughout Europe with plans to introduce it in Latin America and Asia. Fitness ranks as CPW’s second best-selling cereal after Nesquik.

It’s highly unusual for a joint venture (JV) to last for a quarter of a century as CPW has, which is a testament to its enduring success. JVs are notoriously fragile, and many last just a few years – if that.


“It’s an honor to be part of such an excellent company that has delivered great results for so many years,” Dave says. “Our goal is to continue that momentum well into the next quarter century.”

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