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New ads celebrate Yoplait’s 25% sugar reduction

This week marks the culmination of one of the most exciting moments in Yoplait’s history – the journey to make our yogurt even better – more healthy and still delicious.

Our goal was to answer requests from our consumers, rebalance one of General Mills’ most successful products, and embrace our unique French origin story, all while undertaking the biggest recipe change in Yoplait’s 50 year history.

“It’s a journey that started three years ago, when we began to hear a growing call from our most loyal consumers who longed to have the same Yoplait experience they loved while desiring to eat less sugar,” says Helen Kurtz, vice president of marketing for Yoplait.


And while the co-creation with consumers was the spark, it was our commitment to the goodness of our yogurt, both great taste and health, that kept the flame alive.

Through the work of dozens of people on our dairy team and yogurt craftsmen rebalancing the recipe, and thousands of consumers keeping us accountable to the taste they know and love along the way, we are now proud that Yoplait Original has 25% less sugar across all 26 flavors.

The rebalancing of the natural flavors in the recipe with more dairy and less sugar offers our consumers an enjoyable taste experience with one gram more protein, twenty fewer calories, and one half a gram more of fat.


In order for us to share our exciting story, we have partnered with advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy.

And, starting today, we are launching a national multi-media campaign.

You can see the new ads on Yoplait’s YouTube channel.

“The visuals of the campaign are bright and optimistic, delivering the news through a joyful perspective that has always been a part of Yoplait’s brand identify,” Helen says. “We are also excited to showcase the French heritage of the brand through imagery and language that reflect the crisp, classic, and creative assets of Yoplait.”

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