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Show us why you are #LuckyToBe

The Lucky Charms team has put a twist on its Lucky To Be campaign this year, asking you to show why you’re lucky in life – through video.

The campaign honors and celebrates the things that make each of us special and add color to our world – just like the marshmallows in Lucky Charms cereal.


“This is our third year of Lucky To Be, and we wanted to make sure the campaign evolved with our fans,” says Amanda Hill, associate marketing manager for Lucky Charms.

To start, Lucky Charms partnered with VIMBY, a production company with a network of filmmakers around the U.S., to create new video content for the Lucky To Be campaign.

The videos feature an amazing mix of people in our world: a violinist, a “cat lady,” a sketch artist, a skateboarder, as well as other vibrant and special individuals, couples and families (Watch Bethany’s video here).

“While our hope to inspire individuality, diversity and inclusiveness remains the same, this year our video content features real people in their real lives doing the things that make them feel happy and special,” says Amanda.

Also, the brand is offering people like you a chance to create your very own short video clip through Vivoom, a mobile video co-creation platform. The goal is to encourage you to express how lucky you feel to be who you are.

“We can’t wait to see the videos that are created and to celebrate the uniqueness of each and every one of us,” Amanda says.


To participate, download Vivoom by visiting from your mobile device, then create and share your video with the Lucky Charms theme.

Beyond video, the Lucky To Be campaign continues to focus on participation across the brand’s social platforms. Through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram, Lucky Charms is asking people to share what makes them proud to be who they are, how they add color to our world, and why they are Lucky to Be, by using the #LuckyToBe hashtag through posts, tweets and photos.

Over the last two years, the campaign has inspired millions of Tumblr posts, Facebook likes and tweets from people across the U.S. This year, Lucky Charms is hoping even more will join the celebration, sharing why they are lucky to live in a colorful, diverse world, leaving it a little more colorful than they found it.

“We live in a colorful world, and we think that’s a really good thing,” says Emily Thomas, marketing manager for Lucky Charms.

By the way, the brand also has released five new charms – swirled diamond marshmallows – available on store shelves this month!


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