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A long run fueled by the power to push

What are you up to this summer?

Have you been to a beach? Are you spending some time camping? Maybe a road trip in the car?

Shaun and Shamus Evans are running.

A lot.

They started last Friday, in Seattle, on the first leg of a 3,200 mile journey that will take them all the way to the Bronx on September 1.

Shamus, who can walk with assistance, crossed the start line in Puget Sound, and plans to cross the finish line in New York City as well.


That’s 15 states in 60 days. They’re calling it “Power to Push.”

Shaun is an ultra-marathon runner, who is pushing 9-year-old Shamus in a special running chair. Shamus was born with cerebral palsy that limits the use of his legs.


Their run, sponsored by LÄRABAR, supports Ainsley’s Angels of America, a nonprofit that aims to build awareness about America’s special needs community through inclusion in all aspects of life.

In 2013, the Evans family was the beneficiary of the organization. So, with this coast-to-coast journey now underway, they wanted to provide other families with the same opportunity.

In each state, Shaun and Shamus will donate a “Freedom Chair” on behalf of Ainsley’s Angels to at least one deserving family.

“Typically, I have Shamus to motivate me and pull me along, but this summer I have the extra motivation of kids across the U.S., pulling me from state to state to deliver our next gift of mobility,” says Shaun Evans. “The joy that running brings to Shamus is contagious and we are so excited to share that joy with families across America.”

In a blog post, Shaun said his training for the Power to Push, over the last two years, started with one 20 mile run per week, to 50 miles per day over an eight day stretch.

“I methodically tried to improve my endurance,” he wrote. “Granted there were days I was running fast just to cover as many miles as possible. Shamus’ advice was: ‘Run far, and if you don’t have time to run far … run fast!!’ Words to live by as I train for our journey.”


“It’s certainly not your conventional summer break,” said Evans. “The support of our friends, family, community and generous sponsors, like LÄRABAR, is what motivates us.

Ainsley’s Angels enabled our family to stay active and now it’s our turn to give back.”

“Their story is so inspiring,” says Rosanne Ranta, associate marketing manager for LÄRABAR. “The mental and physical toughness it takes to make such a journey is amazing. We’re proud that we can play a small part in providing clean fuel for the run that will take Shaun and Shamus from coast to coast.”


This isn’t their first run. Shamus and Shaun completed the Sweltering 6 Hour Ultra Marathon in 2013, racing 45 miles in the allotted time and finished in first place.

For information on how to follow and support Shaun and Shamus, and Power to Push, visit

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