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Play with BuzzBee in Angry Birds 2

Today is a big day in the mobile gaming world – Angry Birds 2 is available.

And we’re excited to let you know that you’ll notice a General Mills connection when you play it, beginning August 6.

BuzzBee – with his special “Honey Blaster Spell” – will appear in the game for a limited time, to help you out by raining Honey Nut Cheerios down on the piggies.

“Rather than interrupting your experience in the game to serve you up an ad, we’ll be giving you the opportunity to have Buzz help you clear that level that you just can’t seem to get past,” says Jared Pippin, associate marketing manager, Cheerios.


Angry Birds 2, created by Rovio Entertainment, is the eagerly awaited sequel to the most popular mobile game in history, Angry Birds, with over 3 billion downloads since its debut in 2009.

So how did Buzz get involved with gaming’s famous birds?

Rovio contacted our Cereal team and that led to discussions about how Buzz could appear in Angry Birds 2. The early ideas included launching Buzz from a slingshot at the targets, or dropping a few dozen BuzzBees into the action. Ultimately, the team decided on having Honey Nut Cheerios fall from the sky.

“When you think about mobile games, Angry Birds quickly became a legendary franchise that reaches a large audience across generations,” Jared says. “So we jumped at the chance to work with Rovio on their biggest game yet and really enjoyed seeing how the development team went from the idea phase to actually getting Buzz into the game.”


“We’re ecstatic to have BuzzBee in Angry Birds 2,” says Paul Chenier, head of Brand Partnerships & Advertising for Rovio. “Both Buzz and Angry Birds are globally recognized icons that are part of the permanent cultural landscape. In addition, Buzz fits within our ecosystem thematically and feels at home in the game. So it is a win-won for both brands, and most importantly our combined fan bases.”

Chenier says the Buzz integration also represents “a technological advancement in mobile in-game advertising,” as it is delivered through Rovio’s ad server for a limited time and is not hard coded into the game.

“This also is a first for General Mills, in that we’ve never had one of our equity characters in an established game,” says Jared. “It will be fun to see how players react to using the Honey Blaster Spell and having Honey Nut Cheerios all over their screen.”


“We’ve launched very successful brand integrations in the past and they have all followed a similar template: providing additive value to our fans and inserting the brand into the game in an organic but unmissable way,” Chenier says. “We look to forge partnerships with dynamic and modern brands that share in our commitment to our fans, and Buzz and Honey Nut Cheerios fit that bill.”

Again, you can play it with Buzz, beginning August 6, for a limited time.

Download the game today, for your mobile device. You can learn more at

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