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A sweet 50th birthday party

The Singapore skyline never looked so sweet.

On August 1, Betty Crocker and 560 volunteer “chefs” baked and displayed more than 30,400 cupcakes to create the world’s largest cupcake mosaic that resembled Singapore’s skyline.


The pending record required 2,026 boxes of Betty Crocker Supermoist Chocolate Fudge cake mixes, 6,080 eggs, 2,533 cups of water, and 1,013 cups of oil all to commemorate Singapore’s 50th birthday.

30400 cupcakes

“We witnessed some touching moments of how a team can come beautifully together and focus on one common goal: Give Singapore a great golden jubilee and record-breaking birthday present from Betty Crocker,” says Ethan Lim, marketing director for Southeast Asia, who oversaw the event.

Added Christina Law, General Mills’ president for Asia, Middle East and Africa (AMEA): “What a remarkable and bold idea the team created to put Betty Crocker on the Singapore and world map.”

Thousands passed through the Suntec Convention Center, watching as the mosaic took shape from bottom to top. The crowd erupted when Christina set the last cupcake in place to complete the mosaic that measured more than 133 square meters.

(Watch video of the cupcake event)

The measurement has been taken by independent professionals and submitted to Guinness Book of World Records. Once confirmed, the Betty Crocker mosaic should top the previous mark set in 2013 in El Salvador.


Reclaiming the record

Betty Crocker arrived in Singapore only a few years after the country’s founding in 1965. The brand has become a household name and market leader.

Because of this long association, General Mills wanted to create something special for Singapore’s 50th birthday, dubbed “SG50.” Plans for the mosaic took shape in the spring.

“The idea was to engage the community through a record-breaking attempt, bringing together different groups,” says Ethan. “We learned that Singapore held the cupcake mosaic record for more than a year before being topped in 2013, and saw this as an opportune time to reclaim that record with Betty Crocker.”

Betty Crocker couldn’t do it alone, and reached out to partners Sodexo and the Allspice Institute. The former operates kitchen facilities at businesses worldwide, and the latter is a culinary school.


‘Proceeded like clockwork’

Donning aprons, hairnets, face masks and gloves, volunteers made 30,400 cupcakes at the convention center, within eight hours.

The next step was getting the right colors on the cupcakes. Since the mosaic would be in black, red and white, each cupcake was topped with icing and fondant – a creamy sugar paste – in those hues.

It took just over an hour to assemble the mosaic as volunteers worked quickly and were guided by a large canvas with the design printed on it.


Representing a panoramic view of Singapore’s skyline, the mosaic featured well-known landmarks such as the airport control tower, Sports Hub stadium, Suntec Convention Center and the Singapore Flyer.

But it would not be complete without the words “Happy 50th Birthday Singapore,” fireworks images and the Betty Crocker logo.

The Betty Crocker team kept the mosaic on display for a short while for photographers before the cupcakes were given to charities and the hundreds of people who watched the event.


“It was truly amazing to see the day proceeded like clockwork. We got this gigantic task accomplished in so little time,” says Christina.

Editor’s note: Betty Crocker didn’t expect its cupcake mosaic world record would be bested only a month after setting the mark in August in Singapore. But that’s what happened on Sept. 5, 2015 when volunteers for the SPAR Group in Durban, South Africa used 33,660 cupcakes to create a mosaic that measured nearly 139 square meters. That’s 3,620 more cupcakes and nearly 6 square meters larger than the Betty Crocker team’s record. The U.S.-based SPAR Group is one of the world’s leading merchandise suppliers. The company’s volunteers created a cupcake mosaic that raised money for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and paid tribute to the South African national rugby team – the Springboks – that competed in the recent Rugby World Cup in London.

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