Fiber One Taking a Seat
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Irregular Fiber One ad is not what you’d expect

When you’re feeling irregular and waiting for relief, time seems to pass by slowly – somewhat similar to how expecting mothers feel in their third trimester.

Fiber One Counting Down

Fiber One products are known for satisfying taste buds and well, you know …

The Fiber One Chewy Bars team combined the benefits of fiber with the talent of Michael Bolton, who wrote a fitting song for their new commercial.

The brand worked with Saatchi & Saatchi to bring the campaign to life. The new spot is a story of expectation, struggle and patience. Bolton’s song is titled, “I Just Can’t Wait To Meet You.”

Watch the commercial, here.

“We had always wanted the ballad to the ‘baby’ to be very sincere and tender, and Michael’s style is just perfect for that. His voice conveys powerful emotion the second he starts singing,” says Luca Lorenzini, global creative director, Saatchi & Saatchi. “Of course, Michael has also got a terrific sense of humor, which made convincing him to serenade a bowel movement a little bit easier.”

Did he say bowel movement?

“Irregularity is a difficult thing to talk about, so a lot of work in the category is pretty coy, and rather dull. We realized that ‘expecting’ was the perfect metaphor to tackle this issue head on,” explained Jay Benjamin, chief creative officer, Saatchi & Saatchi.

Fiber One Labor

This is the first Fiber One campaign to focus on the effects of not getting enough fiber.

“The idea for this campaign came from talking to consumers and realizing that one of the main reasons they buy our Chewy Bars is to help them get more fiber,” says Julia Wing-Larson, senior marketing manager, Fiber One. “We then talked to more people who deal with irregularity and found out that it’s a really difficult struggle that has a really negative impact on their lives.”

More than 70 million Americans suffer from irregularity, according to Lorenzini.

“But because it’s considered a taboo here, people don’t talk to each other about it, and many don’t even realize they have a problem,” he says. “Humor is really the only way to short circuit that taboo. If you can get people to laugh – especially at themselves – you can get them to reconsider their habits and make a change.”

The team also created a video where they broke the news to Bolton about how his song would be used. Watch that video, here.

“Being irregular is the worst,” Julia says. “The Fiber One brand has always had deep empathy for our consumers, and our brand champions love that we are humorous and relatable.”

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