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More icing for Toaster Strudel

It’s what fans of Pillsbury’s Toaster Strudel love about it most – the icing, right?

So it makes sense that the brand has focused on the topping for the gooey, flaky favorite of parents and kids at the breakfast table.

So what did the Toaster Strudel team do?

They put more icing in every package of the pastries. 30 percent more.

“We realized we had to give Toaster Strudel fans more of what they’ve told us they love,” says Susanne Prucha, a marketing director at General Mills. “For many of our fans, Toaster Strudel is all about its sweet, delicious icing. So we made this change happen, quickly, and we know consumers will like it.”


You’ll see the packages calling out the icing increase in U.S. stores, this month.

Toaster Strudel also is communicating its more icing move through some new commercials, like this one.

As you can see in the ads, Susanne says the “Toaster Strudel Mom” is at the heart of the change.

“Moms who love Toaster Strudel go the extra mile to make life fun for her kids,” she says. “This mom says ‘My kids are going to love this.’ So we know she wants to be excited about bringing this into her house to see the joy and happiness she’s going to bring to her kids.”

Susanne says it wasn’t an easy change to make, but it was the right call for the brand, right now.

“This is a delicious product, it’s fun and it has a wonderful place in the hearts and minds of consumers, and we didn’t shy away from really celebrating that in all its glory by adding more icing,” Susanne says. “We’re making a bold statement that we’re going to be who we are, and be proud of it and make sure that moms are proud of it too.”


The Toaster Strudel team was motivated by their most recent round of research, last fall, as they sought to learn more from consumers about the brand’s true appeal.

Then, in just 60 days, the team went from knowing that they wanted to increase icing, to actually getting it done in production and then shipping the product to stores.

Not an easy task for any company, of any size.

“It’s really challenging to make changes to an entire line of products this fast,” says Susanne. “But I think that took courage and pride for this amazing product for the brand team to act fast on what we heard from consumers.”

Toaster Strudel’s history

The news about 30 percent more icing also happens to coincide with the 30th birthday for the brand.

Toaster Strudel launched nationally in 1985, but traces its start back to 1979, when Pillsbury challenged product developer Joe Perozzi to come up with something new.


He started frying dough and created an early rendition of Toaster Strudel that had a sweet pastry flavor and light flaky texture. But he felt it needed more taste. So that’s when Joe filled the little flat pastries with raspberry preserves and the brand was officially born.

Toaster Strudel was in full distribution back in 1985. The first flavors included: Strawberry, Blueberry, Cinnamon and Raspberry, followed by Apple and Cherry.

Today, there are 13 main flavors – a list that includes Boston Cream Pie, Cherry, Cream Cheese & Strawberry and Wildberry – as well as a few seasonal flavors.

And, all of them now have 30 percent more icing.

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