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New mix brings restaurant-style goodness to the table

Getting bored with your go-to way to prepare chicken or fish at mealtime?

Wishing you could serve restaurant-style meals without wasting precious time and money?

Well, you’re in luck, today we launched our new dinner solution brand, The Good Table.

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It’s a new product line of restaurant-style sauce and crust mixes for chicken and fish featuring four contemporary restaurant-inspired flavors: Parmesan & Herb, Southwest Tortilla and Thai Peanut for Chicken, and Lemon & Herb for fish.

Parmesan Herb The Good Table

Each package contains a coating sauce which keeps meat moist and juicy, as well as crust mix that contains flavorful additions such as tomato pieces, crushed tortilla chips, herbs and peanuts.

The Good Table Packages

You can actually see the ingredients through a circular window on each package.

The Good Table Ingredient Window

The good in The Good Table speaks to more than just great taste.

“We know people care about the ingredients in food, and that is why The Good Table products are made with ingredients you can feel good about,” says Michael Bortinger, associate marketing manager.

The entire line of The Good Table’s sauce and coating mixes do not contain added monosodium glutamate (except that which is naturally occurring in yeast extract), artificial flavors or colors from artificial sources, or high fructose corn syrup.

And the meal prep only involves three simple steps. First, dip the chicken or fish in the sauce and then coat the meat with the crust mix. After that, place on a greased cookie sheet and bake.

The Good Table Steps TW

Each The Good Table package also comes with inspired side dish ideas to help you create an easy, well-balanced dinner with better ingredients everyone can enjoy.

The Good Table meal

“The Good Table line of products illustrates the latest in General Mills’ continued innovation in high-quality family food solutions,” says Michael. “A flavorful, convenient way to bring the family together, The Good Table deepens our commitment to following our consumer’s tastes and interests, offering a nutritious way for consumers to make great-tasting, restaurant-style meals at home.”

The Good Table team has a pipeline of additional flavors they’re working on and will continue to evaluate as the brand receives feedback from consumers.

The Good Table products will be available at Walmart and select retailers nationwide in August, and additional retailers beginning in October.

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