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A chew treat for humans?

You wouldn’t always give your dog a rubber chew treat if they actually could have a real one, would you?

Fiber One tries that concept out on people in the brand’s latest video.

The mock infomercial for “Chew Treats” includes the line: “Enjoy all the jaw movement of eating, without the annoying calories.”

It’s a humorous way for the brand to promote its brownies, cheesecake bars and lemon bars to satisfy a craving for something sweet that won’t get your weight management off track.

“Fiber One is all about sensible, delicious ways to make eating better easier,” says Julia Wing-Larson, marketing manager for Fiber One Snacks. “We’re serious about our snacks and their benefits, but we’re a brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The Chew Treats video allows us to have some fun with the snack choices we all make every day.”

The video is part of Fiber One‘s “Don’t Fight Your Instinct” campaign.


“The very idea that consumers can’t indulge in a sweet snack when managing their weight is ridiculous. It goes against our very instincts to eat what we crave,” says Luca Lorenzini, global creative director, Saatchi & Saatchi, the agency that produced the video. “We wanted to create some content that would bring that ridiculousness to life in a way consumers could connect with, because with Fiber One snack bars there is really no need to fight your instinct.”

At the end of Chew Treats, viewers are directed to where they are prompted to either fight their instincts, or not.

The video comes just a few weeks after Fiber One promoted another funny spot, titled “Expecting,” about a man who appears to be pregnant.

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