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Dominic Purcell is A Man of Yogurt

Dominic Purcell is known for acting rugged and tough.

Yoplait Greek 100 yogurt is known for being smooth, creamy and sometimes fluffy.

So, you probably wouldn’t expect the two to be paired up in an ad campaign, right?

Well, the Yoplait Greek 100 brand team and Wieden+Kennedy want to clear up some misconceptions about Greek yogurt and they enlisted Purcell to help them get their point across.

Greek 100 A Man of Yogurt

Purcell, who is best known for his acting roles as a beefy tough guy, shows a softer side in the new Yoplait Greek 100 campaign where he portrays “A Man of Yogurt.”

Watch the spot about how Yoplait Greek 100 satisfies his hunger, here.

Clearly, the tone of the campaign is tongue-in-cheek, judging by the official description:

“Americans have a very big problem. They’re not taking their tum-tums seriously. If they were, they wouldn’t need a man of intensity, a man of pure protein, A Man of Yogurt to tell them about all the ways that Yoplait Greek 100 and Yoplait Greek 100 Whips! can and will make their tummies very, very happy.”

Despite the serious look that never leaves his face, A Man of Yogurt doesn’t take himself too seriously, as he uses words like tum-tum and fluffy cloud to describe his love of Yoplait Greek 100.

And A Man of Yogurt isn’t afraid to call out those who think Greek yogurt is too heavy or tart. In one spot, that will help extend the campaign in the coming weeks, A Man of Yogurt explains, “You don’t know anything about Yoplait Greek 100 Whips! The texture’s quite light. It’s like a delicate lace embroidery you dip a berry into. Go ahead, dip the berry.”

The idea for the tough guy character came about when the Wieden+Kennedy creative team was brainstorming ways to avoid using the typical smiling yogurt spokesperson.

Yoplait Whips Story Board

“Where the most fun came in was when you took what makes Yoplait Greek 100 so unique – its great taste, its unique flavors and its light and fluffy texture when it’s whipped – and applied those softer, gentler attributes to our tough guy,” said Karl Lieberman, creative director, Wieden+Kennedy. “Suddenly, this man of pure intensity gained a lighter, softer side that made the whole thing pretty funny and interesting in our minds. We talked about various potential ‘tough guys’ for the campaign, but Dominic was inevitable.”

Lieberman said his creative team’s writing, art direction and attention to detail brought a lot of backstory to the spots, giving the campaign the right balance of quirk, humor and information.

“What we like about A Man of Yogurt, and Dominic in particular, is that he’s a nuanced character,” says Cody Wolkowitz, associate marketing manager, Yoplait. “It’s fun to see the unique attributes of the product applied to our ‘tough guy.’ Yes he’s intense, but Yoplait Greek yogurt brings out his softer side, which we found funny.”

Hungry for another video from A Man of Yogurt?

In this spot, A Man of Yogurt declares his love of Yoplait Greek 100 Whips!

“It’s always great when you can find a memorable and entertaining way to deliver a product benefit. We’re talking about Greek yogurt that helps fill you up, protein that keeps you satisfied, and of course a delicious taste – that could go very boring, but this campaign is certainly not,” says Cody.

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