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Live Free. Couch Hard.

A couch is not merely a place to sit. A couch is an epicenter of good times.

If you’re Totino’s Pizza Rolls, a couch is an “epic-center.”

Totino’s brand purpose is to make the everyday epic. So the brand’s new campaign “Live Free. Couch Hard.” strives to bring out the epic in your everyday moments that occur on the couch.

Live Free Girl

So what exactly does it mean to live free and couch hard?

Check out one of the campaign videos, here.

“To Live Free. Couch Hard. is to unapologetically indulge in the things you love doing, right from your couch. Among these things: crushing pizza rolls,” says Kelly Schoeffel, co-head of strategy at 72andSunny, which developed the campaign.

The Live Free. Couch Hard. campaign redefines what it means to hang out on the couch.

“The launch films show the evidence of some serious couching going down–from marathon binges on favorite shows, to all night romps playing video games and getting the squad together for a night in,” says Bryan Rowles, executive creative director and partner at 72andSunny. “All in service of showing the couch as the ultimate symbol of freedom and staying in as an active choice.”

No Place Like Couch

“We do our best to inspire the mindset of living in the moment. We try to enable people to play and have fun, and amplify the fun in every day. We believe these are shared values with our audience,” says Melissa Arrighi, digital manager, Totino’s. “They’re motivated, outgoing, creative individuals who march to the beat of their own drum. They want what they want when they want it. They’re hyper-connected and love culturally-relevant entertainment.”

Check out another video, here.

The Totino’s team designed Live Free. Couch Hard. to spread the fun of the brand to this audience and meet them where they are, when they’re participating in one of their interests.

Schoeffel says shifting gears and talking to folks other than moms is the crux of what differentiates this from other pizza roll campaigns.

Sit Down

“Eighteen to 24 is a life stage defined by personal freedom. This group of individuals believes that staying in with friends, is often more fun that going out,” says Melissa. “Pizza rolls are the perfect food for at-home enjoyment. Live Free. Couch Hard. celebrates these individuals and this lifestyle. It’s about indulging in your passions and choosing to do it from your couch. We treat couch as a verb.”

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