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Plenty to see in first ad for Yoplait Plenti

The first commercial for Plenti, Yoplait’s new yogurt brand, is definitely different.

Using just six seconds of footage shot by a high-speed camera, the ad slows it all down and stretches it into an incredibly visual 30-second spot.

“The ad is very different for us,” says Joanna Hargus, marketing manager for Yogurt Innovation at General Mills. “It was an entirely new and creative way to think about a yogurt commercial and the slow-motion technique used is innovative for the food industry.”

The commercial is the result of technology usually reserved for use in high-tech studios, but the production crew working for Plenti took it out into the middle of a field near Barcelona, Spain. They combined a high-speed motion control system made from a bolt robotic arm, with a high-speed phantom camera.

“We wanted to slow the footage down so people could see and appreciate everything in it,” Joanna says. “It’s a unique way to focus on all the goodness packed into the Plenti cup.”

You can see what it took to create the spot in this behind-the-scenes video.

The “Land of Plenti” ad was created by Saatchi & Saatchi. Plenti worked with two highly acclaimed directors, Bob Partington, known for his work with Ok, Go and on Google Chrome; and Sophie Gateau, known for her expertise with special effects, live action shots and music videos.

The ad also features a song that you might find familiar. It’s a remake of Men at Work’s hit “Land Down Under,” with new lyrics that highlight Plenti’s ingredients.Yoplait-Plenti

Plenti started appearing in stores in May, just nine months after the idea of a new sub-brand was first brought up within General Mills. It’s a more substantial yogurt made from greek yogurt, fruit, whole grain oats, flax seeds and pumpkin seeds, with 12g of protein.

“There was an unmet need of yogurt not being filling enough for some people,” says Joanna. “The endorsement of Yoplait brings great credibility, but what’s really helping Plenti to stand out is the different benefit of being a more satisfying, heartier yogurt.”


The name of the brand is a nod to how consumers in focus groups described the yogurt’s taste and texture. They called it “plentiful,” proving that sometimes the best brand name comes from the people who eat it.

“Hearing from consumers early on about their excitement for Plenti tells me that we’re on to something,” Joanna says. “I’m really glad that we came up with a different way to bring the brand to life through this ad, which has energized everyone who worked on it. We feel it is a very real reflection of what Plenti delivers in every bite.”

A 60-second version of the “Land of Plenti” ad will debut during the Emmy Awards on Sept. 20.

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