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An unlikely commercial star

Today, we’re announcing the launch of a new way for us to highlight the people, projects and brands of General Mills – an audio podcast.


We just published the first episode of the “A Taste of General Mills” podcast. It provides unique insight into the production of the new commercials for gluten-free Cheerios and their star, longtime General Mills employee Phil Zietlow.


You can listen to our show on the go on a podcast app on your mobile device (search for A Taste of General Mills), through iTunes or right here on our blog.

Listen (25min)

SHOW NOTES – Episode 1: Sept. 23, 2015

Video – Family Matters (:30)

Video – Phil & Buzz (:30)

Video – Our Gluten Free Story (1:00)

Video – Proud to be Gluten-Free (3:12)

Video – Our Journey to Gluten Free (3:02)

Video – Certified (:42)

Blog post: Taking gluten free to TV

Link –

Our goal for the A Taste of General Mills podcast is to bring you a new episode every month.

If you have an idea for a future show, we’d love to hear it. Please let us know in the comments below or via email at

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