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Pumpkin and apple top fall food favorites

Food trends continually evolve and new global flavors continue to make their way into the U.S., but while people try new flavors to please their palate, come August and September nostalgia for their fall favorites sets in.

That means the search is on for pumpkin and apple-flavored items.

Pumpkin Spice Sweet Roll“Over the past few years, pumpkin spice flavor has overwhelmed the consumer landscape and we don’t see that trend stopping any time soon,” says Maria Jaramillo, marketing manager for Betty Crocker. “Consumers have come to equate pumpkin-flavored products with the changing colors of the autumn leaves, cooler weather and most importantly – the start of the baking season.”

According to Nielsen, 37 percent of U.S. consumers purchased a pumpkin-flavored product last year. Google searches for the “pumpkin spice” flavor are about three times as high as they were in 2010 and pumpkin sales have increased 34 percent in the past five years.Spiced Apple Plenti

While pumpkin is popular, between September and December there are actually significantly more searches for apple recipes than pumpkin, on our BettyCrocker.com and Pillsbury.com websites.

“Seasonal flavors fit into the ritual of transitioning from one part of the year to another, and fall flavors like spiced pumpkin and apple can help signal anticipation of a time of year that is especially associated with family, food, and tradition,” says Sumitra Chatterjee, an associate on our Global Consumer Insights team.

Harvest Pumpkin To meet consumers’ expectations, General Mills is once again launching a fall lineup of products to meet the demand for anything pumpkin and apple.

For pumpkin fans we’re bringing back several favorites, including Food Should Taste Good Pumpkin Harvest Chips, Betty Crocker pumpkin spice cookies and Pillsbury pumpkin spice rolls. Also, Yoplait Greek 100 Whips is introducing a new fall flavor that should please all pumpkin lovers – pumpkin cheesecake.

Apple lovers also have some choices. Yoplait is bringing back Yoplait original Apple Crisp and Greek 100 Caramel Apple. And, in our new Plenti line, Yoplait is introducing a Spiced Apple flavor.


Pillsbury and Betty Crocker also have a strong lineup of other traditional fall products. For those short on time, Pillsbury will offer its cat, ghost and pumpkin shape cookies.

Maple Bacon Frosting

Or if you are looking to bake your own cookies, Betty Crocker brought back its Maple Bacon cookie mix and frosting, and its Candy Corn cookie mix and frosting. Our full lineup of limited edition fall items can be seen here.

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