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PODCAST: The Monster Cereals

If we’ve learned anything in four years of blogging, it’s that you really love our Monster Cereals. Our stories on the Monsters each year are among our most-viewed posts, all-time.

So for our “A Taste of General Mills” podcast this month, we decided to offer you a special Halloween treat – the entire show is dedicated to celebrating what makes the Monsters so popular and nostalgic.

We give you the perspective of several fans, a cereal historian, two of the designers of the recent cereal boxes and the man behind the voice of Count Chocula.

Among other things, you’ll find out:

-How a Boo Berry fan ended up on The Daily Show

-What the cereal box design team would like to do with the Monsters next

-The instructions Larry Kenney received about doing his voice work for Count Chocula commercials


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Listen (37min)

SHOW NOTES – Episode 2: Oct. 21, 2015

Blog post: The Monsters are alive!

Video – 2015 Monster Cereals – Blippar (:23)

Video: Monster Cereal by Seth Pederson

Link: The Great American Cereal Book

Link: Topher’s Breakfast Cereal Character Guide

Link: James “The Rockfather” Zahn

Link: Roger Barr (Boo Berry Page)

Video: Roger Barr on The Daily Show

Link: Ultra Creative

Link: Larry Kenney

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