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The beginnings of a busy butterfly habitat

It’s just a patch of dirt now, but in a few years a small piece of land at our headquarters will be an important area for butterflies, bees and other pollinators.


A team of employees – including several who work on the Cascadian Farm brand – helped make it happen for a few hours, one morning last week. We worked with the Xerces Society to establish the native pollinator planting, with a variety of wildflower seeds and plants.

“A lot of people are working here on these sustainability problems and concerns and we’re trying to bring some reality and bring something more tangible to that, to show them how big of an impact they can have,” says Jim Eckberg, plant ecologist, the Xerces Society.

“This planting provides education and motivation to all of our employees about what they can do to help pollinators and butterflies,” adds Tom Rabaey, principal scientist in crop biosciences at General Mills.

It will take a while for the site to look like it’s supposed to, likely in 2017 and 2018. But when it’s flourishing, it will be a place for Monarch butterflies in Minnesota to get ready to migrate to Mexico. It also will be home to a variety of bees and flies that pollinate crops, says Eckberg.


“This reflects the much larger effort that Xerces and General Mills have been working on over the last several years to improve the conservation of the supply chain and the growing of food ingredients, so we can have a much greater impact on the environment,” Eckberg says.

For more information about the Xerces Society, visit Xerces.org.

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