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Nov 18, 2015 • By

Cereal campaign highlights parent promises

“I hearby swear to shelter you.”

“I promise to assemble toys no matter how big or tacky.”

“I will answer as many of your questions as humanly possible.”

“I will do my best to protect you from things you don’t need. Like twerking.”

These are just a few of the moments illustrated in our Cereal division’s new digital campaign, which features a video that’s very different from our cereals’ other creative work.

(The video referenced in this post was removed on November 30, 2016, due to contractual terms.)

“There’s something really special about the calligraphy in this video. Like a handwritten note, it is more personal,” says Steve Bruch, associate marketing manager, Cereal. “The calligraphy and art also convey an array of emotions – highlighting the humor, challenges, and unconditional love that every parent experiences in every day moments with their children.”

The campaign highlights the changes General Mills Cereals is making on its journey to improve its portfolio, by removing artificial flavors and colors from artificial sources from all General Mills cereals by 2017.

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