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Get the last drop out of the Go-GURT tube

Anyone who’s enjoyed a Yoplait Go-GURT understands the importance of getting all the yogurt out of its familiar tube.

But Go-GURT is not just for kids anymore. In an effort to bring its wonder to older audiences, the brand team has launched a new campaign, “Go-GURT Garage,” challenging fans all over to join in to get the last drop.

GoGurt Garage LogoGo-GURT Garage is a website where fans can follow DIY master Bob Vila on his mythical journey to find and build “Last Drop Extractors” – machines and tools to help get the very last drop of Go-GURT from the tube.

Along the way, he meets up with The Slow Mo Guys – and other famous YouTubers – for a little help, using their unique talents and abilities to get creative to get it all.

Vila and Slo Mo Guys

Vila’s passion for top-quality craftsmanship combined with his enthusiasm for Go-GURT has led him on his latest project: the quest for the greatest Last Drop Extractor.

According to the “Bobliography” on “In 1999, he discovered a love for Go-GURT yogurt. As Vila says, ‘It’s the only snack that fits in my tool belt and man do the flavors hit the nail on the hammer.'”

Bob Vila Approves

“Bob’s been great from the beginning,” says Sam Hickman, marketing communications for Go-GURT. “Since we were looking to connect with an older audience, we needed a familiar face that was buzzworthy with millennial parents but still engaging for teens. A massive social reach, quirky persona and construction credentials made Bob the perfect fit for Go-GURT Garage.”

Between now and spring 2016, two Go-GURT Garage videos will be posted on In the first, The Slo Mo Guys drop a one ton weight on 1,000 tubes of Go-GURT. Watch that video, here.

But the search for a Last Drop Extractor doesn’t stop with YouTube stars.

The brand team wants fans to showcase their creative and mechanical prowess by building their own extractors and sharing them on the Go-GURT Garage website.

How to submit Before December 11, build an extractor, record it in action and submit your video. Once submitted, you’re not only helping Bob Vila get the last drop, you also could win the Golden GO-GURT – the ultimate symbol of Last Drop Extractor excellence, forged by Vila’s master craftsman hands.

Golden GoGurt

Do you have an idea for extracting the last drop?

Shoot a video so the Go-GURT team can see it. For more information, visit

You can follow the Go-GURT Garage campaign on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and by using #GoGurtGarage. Full sweepstakes rules and video submission guidelines can be found here.

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