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She takes creative pictures of Cheerios

A young photographer is zoomed in on Cheerios, and now we’re seeing the cereal in places we’ve never imagined.

An Instagram account called @travels_with_cheerios features creative images of the Os in unique locations – nestled near a pumpkin stem, bundled in the bark of a tree or balanced on the buds of a bloom.

We spotted it because she was using the #cheerios hashtag.


When we reached out to the photographer behind the account, we were surprised to learn she’s just 14 years old!

Emma is a sophomore at Oak Harbor High School on Whidbey Island, Washington, and started snapping pictures of Cheerios a few months ago.

She told us the idea came to her on a family camping trip. A bag of Cheerios, a cool background and some encouragement from her cousins was all it took to start her account.

Since then, Emma’s been taking photographs of Cheerios on the weekends and posting them during the week.

“Most of the time, I’ll just walk around, and it will come to me. ‘Oh, there’s a crack in the sidewalk. That’s a cool idea,’ or ‘There are holes in the stop sign post. I wonder if I could put them in there, if they would fit.’ I kind of walk around and get inspiration.”

Some of the pictures capture the intrigue of a critter, such as a frog or snail encountering Cheerios. Emma described how she enticed a spider for a photo.


“I just threw [the Cheerio] in the web and waited for the spider to come down. It didn’t know what to do with it. It just kind of wrapped around it and was trying to hug it almost, and that’s when I took the picture,” she says.


Emma took a photography class at her school last year and joined the yearbook staff this year. She uses one of the school’s DSLR cameras on her shoots and sometimes edits images on her computer.

“It’s a little hard to balance the aperture and the shutter. You want a low shutter rate so that it singles out the Cheerios, but you don’t want the pictures too dark or light.”


Another challenge, Emma said, is all the crouching, stretching and bending necessary to achieve the perfect point of view.


Still, the hobby is one she’ll continue, especially as more and more people follow her at @travels_with_cheerios.

“I really like just being able to find cool, scenic pictures of Cheerios. It feeds my soul, so it’s cool that people are liking it. I’d love to keep doing it.”

Great pictures, Emma! Thanks for letting us share your story.

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