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Häagen-Dazs counts down with the calendar cake

December is filled with holiday festivities, and this year Häagen-Dazs France has collaborated with Italian designer Paola Navone to create a gourmet ice cream “Calendar” cake that celebrates each moment of the month.

Le Calendrier features 31 pillars of ice cream made from exclusive recipes. Each one varies in height and is adorned with a chocolate number square. The squares for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are covered in edible silver and gold leaf.


Navone, who is a world-renowned architect and interior decorator, has described the cake “like an explosion of ice cream bricks that can be split into cubes for all to play and consume day to day or within a moment.”

There are two varieties of the calendar cake available: dark chocolate and almond with a brown exterior, and macadamia nut brittle.


The second cake is Dulce de Leche with a red exterior. Both cakes have crispy bases made from puffed rice and are topped with a white chocolate shell.


Each cake, which serves about 12 people, is available in Häagen-Dazs shops in France and Belgium through the holidays.

“[It’s] a delicious calendar cake for all to enjoy,” says Navone. “The design speaks of a refined sophistication and a playful pop.”


Häagen-Dazs France first commissioned a top international designer to create an ice cream cake for the holidays in 2008, and it’s become an annual tradition since.

Previous Häagen-Dazs holiday ice cream cakes include the Village, the Cloud, the Ice Moon, the Flower, the Iceberg, the Christmas Tree and the Snowflake.

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