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Pillsbury sets a cookie world record

Holiday shoppers at Mall Of America joined with Pillsbury to make history over the weekend by helping the brand set the Guinness World Records title for the “Most cookies/biscuits iced in one hour.”

They frosted 1,169 cookies in 60 minutes – a pace of 19 cookies per minute – at a Pillsbury “National Cookie Decorating Day” event at Mall of America on Saturday.


Mall visitors also were invited to decorate cookies and visit with the Pillsbury Doughboy throughout the day and then had a chance to help set the record during the final hour.

Pillsbury organized the event to encourage people to step away from the hustle and bustle and have a seat with family, decorating some cookies.


“Pillsbury cookies are really all about those moments you spend with family.” said Lizzie Breyer, senior marketing manager for Pillsbury. “We wanted to give people a chance to take a break, maybe sit down if they had been shopping all day and spend some time seeing their kids smile when they saw the Doughboy or when they had a really beautiful cookie in front of them.”

An official adjudicator for Guinness World Records oversaw the record-breaking portion of the day.

“My role is to ensure that the rules and record guidelines for this category are followed through, which means making sure the ingredients for the icing contain sugar, the cookies are the right shape and size, the cookies look like they are iced correctly and then counting how many are correctly iced,” explained Philip Robertson, from Guinness World Records.


When the hour was up, he confirmed what he saw and awarded the Guinness honor to Lizzie and the Pillsbury team.


Philip Robertson, Guinness World Records, with Lizzie Breyer of Pillsbury.

Most cookies/biscuits iced in one hour is a new category and Pillsbury needed at least 500 cookies to set the record, but the enthusiastic crowd at the mall more than doubled that.

Pillsbury baked 8,500 cookies for its National Cookie Decorating Day event. For a few hours, families stopping by their area in the mall could decorate cookies and then take platefuls of tasty treats home with them. Any extras were donated to The Aliveness Project, which provides services for people living with HIV/AIDS.


National Cookie Decorating Day will be held the second Saturday of December from now on. Pillsbury is confident it will break its Guinness World Record next holiday season … and the season after that … and the season after that!

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