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All good food has a story

Liza de Guia is an award-winning food documentarian who believes “all good food has a story.”

And in the new “Behind the Bowl” video series she’s telling Progresso’s story, from farm to spoon.

Progresso’s past campaigns have focused primarily on the soup’s taste. The brand’s new documentary-style campaign uncovers the unique passion for quality that comes through in every can of Progresso Soup.

“It’s interesting hearing who our consumer is and how they talk about us. They say ‘Progresso Soup has the biggest, most delicious, high quality vegetables compared to other soups.’ But our high standards for sourcing those quality ingredients isn’t something that we’ve talked about in the past,” says Karly Mangen, associate marketing manager, Progresso Soup.

The Progresso team thought Guia was the perfect person to tell their story, because of her curiosity, passion for storytelling and ability to uncover behind the scenes stories – as well as her skepticism of big food companies.

“We knew we had all these rich and inspiring stories that we wanted to tell, but we needed to find the right way to share them with others,” says Taylor Roseberry, marketing communication planner, Progresso Soup. “So, we invited Liza on board to be our storyteller – to discover these stories first hand about how we source our ingredients, how we make our soups, our recipe stories and inspiration for new soups.”

On her website, Food.Curated, Guia says, “I hope to share with you where good food comes from. And, this may sound corny, but I truly believe good food comes from deep down, from someone’s personal mission to feed you well, to help you discover flavors, textures and foods you’re missing out on.”

Guia’s mission aligns with General Mills’ pursuit to make food with passion.

She says, “My mission is to showcase these people, their ideas, their personalities, and their techniques in hopes that you make a point to seek them out and support what they do. For food passion deserves to be discovered.”

Behind The Bowl

In the first episode of Progresso’s seven-episode Behind the Bowl documentary, Guia says she wants to answer two questions through the series: Why do people spend their life making soup? And can real food come in a can?

In the second episode, Guia meets a couple of Progresso chefs and learns where the recipe development starts.

In the episode Guia says, “what surprised me most was that the ideas first start with someone who actually likes to make soup. These are the people who think about the ingredients … I was so happy to learn that from the very start there are people that care about what I’m going to eat at the end of the day.”

Chefs in the kitchen

“We’ve always stood for quality as a brand, and this video series gives people a peek into how our soup is made,” says Karly.

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