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First TV ads for LÄRABAR

The first television ad for any brand is a big deal. But for LÄRABAR, its first commercials airing this week also are a chance for the brand’s fans to make a difference.

What started as “Lara’s bars” in the kitchen of Lara Merriken’s home in Colorado in 2000, is now a leading brand in the nutrition category. LÄRABAR joined General Mills in 2008. It now offers more than 20 flavors of its Original Fruit & Nut Food Bar.

The first LÄRABAR ads are true to Lara’s original mission to make bars with unique flavors, with simple, real ingredients, such as fruits, nuts, and spices.

A one-minute commercial kicks off the “Food Made From Food” campaign, which challenges consumer misperceptions of packaged food. The first ad also features a catchy song – a remake of “Little Boxes” performed by indie pop band Lucius.

You can watch LÄRABAR’s first commercial, here.

“This is a huge moment forLÄRABAR,” says Merriken. “The new commercial depicts the vision I had when creating the bars, and I couldn’t be more proud.”

“The brand has been around since 2003, but now is the perfect time to talk about LÄRABAR in a big way because more people are looking for foods with simple ingredients,” says Rosanne Ranta, associate marketing manager. “These commercials are inspired by Lara and bring LÄRABAR to life in a unique, fun and joyful way. “


But it’s not just about making its first big splash on TV.

At an event Tuesday in New York City at The Bowery Mission, Lara and Haylie Duff (star of “The Real Girl’s Kitchen”) presented a $150,000 donation from LÄRABAR to Feeding America.


Haylie Duff and Lara Merriken.

“We believe that the foundation of a sound mind, body and spirit is derived from what you eat – and what you eat is most delicious and satisfying when it’s in a whole, natural state,” says Merriken. “Our success is a testament to others sharing that same belief and I’m excited to expand the accessibility of real food through our partnership with Feeding America.”


Merriken also announced that consumers are invited to join the brand’s movement to share real food and help it make real food accessible to everyone.

You can share a photo, video or a tweet (with #ShareRealFood) or participate in one of the following ways:

-Volunteer at a local Feeding America food bank

-Share a hunger fact on social media

-Learn more about hunger in your community

For more information about #ShareRealFood and LÄRABAR, visit

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