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Meet the honorary Real Trix Rabbit

A two-pound Holland Lop from Houston hopped to the top of a contest to name an honorary “Real Trix Rabbit.”

Cinnabun beat out nearly 7,600 silly rabbits whose photos were submitted on during a three-week contest in October.


Today, after Trix announced Cinnabun was the winner, he received the VIB – Very Important Bunny – treatment in his hometown.

A limousine service chauffeured him to local news stations before he hopped up the red carpet at a Kroger store in Houston for the ceremony to unveil his commemorative Trix box.

While the iconic Trix Rabbit on our packaging isn’t going anywhere, Cinnabun seemed to enjoy having a limited-supply of his own boxes to paw-tograph and share with friends and family.

real_trix_rabbitHis owner, Natalie Tran, says she was surprised when she learned that her beloved bunny Cinnabun won, and was even more surprised at all of the attention he received because of the honorary title.

Tran talks about why she entered Cinnabun in the the contest, in this video.

“It’s kind of unbelievable that they picked him out of thousands of bunnies,” Tran says. “It feels surreal. I never thought I’d be in this kind of situation in my life. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.”


The search for an honorary Real Trix Rabbit was intended to help celebrate the progress that General Mills Cereal has made on a journey to make our cereals better. Seven cereals, including Trix, just launched with their new formulas, free of artificial flavors and colors from artificial sources. Seventy five percent of our cereals, like favorites Honey Nut Cheerios and Cinnamon Toast Crunch, have now reached this milestone.


The Cereal team was astonished by the enthusiasm of rabbit owners and their engagement in the contest.

“In addition to thousands of cute bunnies, our fans displayed impressive creativity and shared many heartwarming backstories. We were touched by their response,” says Steve Bruch, associate marketing manager, Cereal. “We looked for a submission photo that was creative, a bunny that was a good representation of the Trix Rabbit and Trix brand, and a bunny that was cute. We struggled to pick only one winner with all of our great entries, yet Cinnabun stood out in all three areas. We’re really proud to call Cinnabun an honorary Real Trix Rabbit.”


If Cinnabun could talk, what would he say about being named the Real Trix Rabbit?

“I know he’d be binking everywhere, which is like the rabbit equivalent of being really happy,” Tran says. “And he’d probably ask for more treats.”

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