Cereal Day
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5 ways to celebrate #NationalCerealDay

There are lots of trendy “holidays” celebrated on social media these days. From food and friends to hugs and napping, there is a seemingly endless list of hashtagged holidays.

While we’re a huge fan of all food holidays here at General Mills, one of my personal favorites is #NationalCerealDay on March 7.

Happy National Cereal Day

Don’t get me wrong, chocolate is delicious and definitely worth celebrating. But cereal holds a special place in my heart. As a kid, cereal was a breakfast staple, and as an adult my cupboards are full of all kinds of cereal.

While I usually eat my cereal out of a milk-filled bowl, a recent event at General Mills hosted by Food Network chef Justin Warner, inspired me to think differently about how and when I enjoy my cereal.

Chef Warner's Cereal Creations

Chef Warner wants people to think about cereal as an ingredient or spice, rather than just a breakfast food that lives on a designated “cereal shelf.”

“When I want to experiment with a new recipe, I look at everything in my kitchen – not just what’s in this shelf or that shelf. That’s one thing people can do to get in the mindset of incorporating cereal,” he says. “The next thing is to think about flavors and base ingredients. For example, one time I made shrimp with Kix. Why? Kix is corn and it’s got a light, kind of sweet flavor that works really well with shell fish.”

Chef Warner is known for thinking outside the box when it comes to creating delicious recipes and at the General Mills event he challenged several bloggers to think outside the bowl and find ways to infuse cereal into their favorite recipes.

To spark their creativity, he made a Trix Sunrise Chill Pie, Cocoa Puffs Beets and Fruity Cheerios Coladas. Want the recipes? Check out the list at the end of this post!

Chef Warner's Cereal Recipes

Hear how Chef Warner came with the unique recipe combinations, in this audio clip from my interview with him.

The bloggers took Chef Warner’s challenge seriously and made some really impressive dishes using General Mills cereals.

“These bloggers really knocked it out of the park, they really went crazy. Some people did fried chicken. Some people did shrimp. You had cookies. You had cake. Someone made mousse out of pretty much nothing,” Warner says.

Blogger's cereal creations

Being the huge cereal lover that he is, Chef Warner has some big plans for National Cereal Day (audio).

You don’t have to be a professional chef to celebrate National Cereal Day in an amazing way.

5 ways you could celebrate National Cereal Day:

Anytime is cereal time

Cereal can be enjoyed at more than just breakfast time. Fill a small plastic bag with your favorite cereal and throw it in your purse or backpack for a midday snack. Need a midnight snack? Pour yourself a bowl of cereal!

Late Night Cheerios

Fun fact: All General Mills cereals have whole grain as the first ingredient, including at least 8 grams of whole grain per serving. Delicious and nutritious = a win-win!

Flashback to your favorite

How long has it been since you’ve enjoyed your favorite childhood cereal? Pick up a box of your favorite cereal, put on your comfy pajamas and stream one of your favorite cartoons while you reminisce about the good old days. Are you a parent? Enjoy your childhood favorite with your own kids!


Fun fact: General Mills cereals are better than ever. As of January 2016, 75 percent of our cereals no longer include artificial flavors and colors from artificial sources.

Mix up your milk or make a mocktail

Just like there are many varieties of cereal, there’s also an array of milk options to mix with cereal. Try your favorite cereal with chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, almond or coconut milk – or blend additional ingredients in with your cereal and milk to make a mocktail like a Fruity Cheerios Colada.

Cheers to National Cereal Day


Fruity Cheerios Colada recipe

Fun fact: Whether you eat it plain or with milk, cereal is a good source of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin D and Calcium.

From breakfast to baking

Take Chef Warner’s advice and incorporate cereal into your dinner and dessert recipes!

Cocoa Puffs Beets recipe

Cereal Pie

Trix Sunrise Chill Pie recipe

Fun fact: Many General Mills childhood favorites have 10 grams of sugar or less per serving. 

Design delicious-looking décor

Cereals come in fun shapes and colors. Fill a vase with colorful cereal for your breakfast party or get creative with your kids and use cereal to create art.

Cereal Decor

Fun fact: One reader who comments on this blog post about their National Cereal Day plans will win a package to help them celebrate #NationalCerealDay! 

So, which way will you celebrate National Cereal Day?

We want to see what you do on March 7! Use #NationalCerealDay and tag us (@generalmills on Twitter or Instagram) when you post pictures about this cereal-ously awesome unofficial holiday.

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