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Cascadian Farm brings its farm to the forefront

Cascadian Farm has undergone some changes in the past few months, including new packaging that highlights its farm-to-table philosophy, reformulated granola with a cleaner ingredient list, and a new sub-branded pouch granola.

It’s part of the brand’s strategy to boost its profile, give consumers the simpler organic products they desire, and branch out in a growing category.


Cascadian Farm packaging, before (left) and now.

The new packaging prominently features Cascadian Farm’s “Home Farm” where the brand began in 1972 in Skagit Valley, Washington. A colorful farm field and mountains loom in the background as the product appears front-and-center atop a table, ready to eat.

Now that’s truly farm-to-table, says Cameron Archibald, an associate marketing manager who worked on the project.

“The link to the home farm is important to Cascadian Farm’s heritage and to the authenticity of the brand,” says Cameron.


Lure of the Home Farm

The new packaging features more color, and appears on more than 100 Cascadian Farm products, ranging from cereal, granola, bars to frozen fruit and vegetables.

It first appeared last April on Buzz Crunch Honey Almond cereal, an exclusive product at Whole Foods Market. And by late fall, nearly all of Cascadian Farm products were adorned with the new farm-to-table look.


The change replaces a design that had been in place for more than a decade. Since then, the organic and natural category has expanded with new offerings and new competitors, and Cascadian Farm found that, at times, it no longer stood out.

And what better enticement than an image of the original farm?

Each Cascadian Farm package now includes a stamp on the front urging consumers to “Visit Our Home Farm.” The 28-acre farm still grows blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and pumpkins, has a full-time farmer, three managers and several seasonal workers.

“Tens of thousands of people visit our Home Farm every year, and that is something so unique with our brand that it really provides a connection to what we do and make,” Cameron says. “People understand where the food comes from.”

That farm simplicity continues to influence Cascadian Farm products, too. In December, Cascadian Farm revamped its line-up of seven boxed granola products, removing maltodextrin, reducing sugar and, in some cases, sodium and tapioca syrup.

Farm Stand Harvest pouch granola

In another development, Cascadian Farm re-entered the pouch granola category in January with a new sub-brand, Farm Stand Harvest.


Pouch-style granola represents 60 percent of the granola market, and Cascadian Farm wants back in this growing category with four varieties – Vanilla, Coconut & Pumpkin Seed; Cherry, Almond & Quinoa; Honey, Almond & Chia; and Cranberry, Maple & Wild Rice (exclusive to Kroger).

Cascadian Farm

The Farm Stand Harvest name pays homage to the Home Farm, which has a roadside stand where visitors can still purchase fresh, seasonal berries.

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