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Mar 10, 2016 • By

Meet Lucky Charms’ adoptable leprechauns

St. Patrick’s Day is just a week away and if you don’t have plans yet, that’s okay!

Lucky Charms’ iconic leprechaun – rightfully named Lucky – has enlisted some of his pals to help people prepare for his favorite green and clover-filled holiday.

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Five adoptable leprechauns with pots full of St. Paddy’s Day pride are ready to get you hyped up for the holiday, all you need to do is ask to adopt them through Twitter.

Get a glimpse of what I’m talking about, in this adoption video and on

Adopting a leprechaun is simple and interacting with your adopted leprechaun through Twitter is fun, just tweet @LuckyCharms and ask to adopt a leprechaun using #AdoptALeprechaun.

Lucky Charms will tweet you an adoption pack with information about your leprechaun and your lively leprechaun will take over the conversation from there.


“We wanted to celebrate what uniquely makes us, us. We have Lucky the Leprechaun and our delicious marshmallows,” says Amanda Hill, senior associate marketing manager, Lucky Charms. “Adopting a leprechaun is a fun way to bring our fans in on it with us and spark some fun for them. They can talk one-on-one with a friendly Leprechaun. These leprechauns are excited to tweet with fans.”

In anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day, Lucky Charms recently released limited edition boxes of cereal featuring green clovers and gold coin-shaped marshmallows.

St. Patrick's Day Lucky Charms

Amanda adds, “You’re not truly ready for St. Patrick’s Day until you’ve adopted a leprechaun. Prepping for St. Patrick’s Day is all about teamwork and the leprechauns are here to help.”

Lucky Leprechaun

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