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150 years of innovation, invention, food and fun

As we celebrate the 150th anniversary of General Mills, we wanted to make sure you were aware of several resources we’ve put together to help you learn more about the company’s past, present and future.


The first is a new, enhanced look at our history on You can review key stories about the company’s 150 years by time period, and also select information related to our brands and heritage, which includes non-food items like the Nerf ball, games, “Alvin” the submarine and the “Black Box.”


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The General Mills Archives

Our corporate archives also plays an important role in the storytelling around our 150th anniversary.

Located at our Riverside location in Minneapolis, its primary purpose is to be a resource for our internal brand and company teams to better understand the historical significance of our products as well as a springboard for the development of new products and business development. Some external researchers also work with the archives on approved projects.


The archives is based on donations, primarily from current or former employees and the public. It’s a treasure trove of cool stuff for a history buff.

“It’s been a really big treat for me to dive into the 150-year history of General Mills,” says Jessica Faucher, corporate archivist. “As I do my research, I often run into assets and information that open up a whole new branch of history of General Mills to me.”


Movable compact-shelving, organized by various collections, takes up most of the space. There are framed photos and portraits on the walls, and display shelves with a variety of publications and reference materials. Additional resources include speeches, biographies, oral histories and cookbooks.

Our company archives are not open to the public for visits or tours, but in recent months we have taken several media outlets – including CBS Sunday Morning – inside.

And, in this interview, Jessica also gives you an overview of the archives and some of its highlights.

Want to learn more about our history from Jessica? Join her for a live Q&A on Periscope, this Friday, April 22 at Noon Central.


The 150-year history of General Mills is filled with many stories, including how our brands got their names and how the company has forged strong connections with consumers.

Five of those stories are featured in these video clips, below, with Tom Forsythe, vice president of Global Communications:

Video – Gold Medal Flour

Video – Bisquick

Video – The Betty Crocker portraits

Video – Cheerios

Video – The Pillsbury Doughboy

Tom also was interviewed in the January episode of our podcast – for a show about Cadwallader Washburn, the founder of the Washburn Mill Company in 1866 that would later become General Mills.

Stay with us here on “A Taste of General Mills” – and visit our Tumblr blog dedicated to the company’s history – as we continue to share more stories in the months and years ahead.

Editor’s note: Discover more about our past on and If you have a question about our history, or would like to donate an item to the company archives, send our Archives team an email at

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