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ABC highlights the history of Cheerios

ABC’s World News Tonight took viewers inside our Buffalo cereal plant for its “Made in America” series last night.

We worked with the program, and host David Muir, to introduce you to some of our Buffalo employees and showcase how they make Cheerios – 62 million boxes a year!


The brand launched 75 years ago, as “Cheerioats,” in 1941.

ABC interviewed several employees, including Buffalo plant manager Allen Brown and Dana McNabb, the vice president of marketing for Cheerios.


“This is one of the best brands in America,” Dana told Muir. “We’ve been part of families for years. … It’s a product that has been used by babies, toddlers … as their first finger food and then you eat through the rest of your life.”


You can watch the World News Tonight story at “Cheerios Celebrates 75 Years of Turning Oats to O’s.”

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