Wheaties Legends 2016
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Evans, Louganis and Moses get Wheaties honor

They are three remarkable athletes who won multiple gold medals while competing against the world’s best.

Their accomplishments certainly put them into consideration for the cover of a Wheaties box at the time, along with several outstanding world champion athletes who were selected by the brand team in their era.

But today … there’s no time like the present for Janet Evans, Greg Louganis and Edwin Moses.

Wheaties Legends Breakfast of Champions

Wheaties has announced that they are the newest champions to be honored in the Wheaties Legends series.

Evans is a four-time gold medal winner who broke seven world records. She’s considered the greatest female distance swimmer.

Louganis also is a four-time gold medalist and is widely viewed as the greatest diver in the history of the sport.

And, Moses won two gold medals and set a world record for the 400m hurdles in 1976. He also holds a world record for a decade-long streak of 122 victories.

“This is an opportunity for Wheaties to highlight past champions who haven’t yet received the honor of being on a Wheaties box for their past athletic achievements,” says Jenna Lynch, senior associate marketing manager for Wheaties. “Janet, Greg and Edwin are all world-class athletes both for the medals they won, and everything they accomplished during their careers.”

Evans told us her Wheaties box was worth the wait.

“I think getting the honor now actually means more,” says Evans. “I think when you’re competing and you’re young, you kind of just take it for granted that of course if you win a gold medal you might have the incredible honor of being on a Wheaties box. To even be listed with the incredible athletes that have been on the Wheaties box, and to be a part of this great legacy … for me to be on a Wheaties box with these incredible legends that have already graced the front of your boxes. It’s truly an honor and I honestly can’t think of anything that makes me more excited. I’m really honored.”

Janet Wheaties Front

Evans says a Wheaties box speaks highly of someone’s athletic accomplishments and she can’t wait to get hers.

“I think many people hope and expect to see their favorite athlete on a Wheaties box,” she says. “It’s a wonderful reward for all of our hard work. I’ve been very anxious to tell everybody. I think people will be very excited.”

In this audio clip from our interview, she shares more of her reaction.

Evans says she looks forward to taking her family grocery shopping to see the box and “standing in the cereal aisle, taking lots of pictures and making a scene in the store.”

Janet Wheaties Signature

Today, Louganis is a mentor for the U.S. Olympic diving team and is an LGBT-rights activist.

He told us he’s humbled to have a Wheaties box now, to highlight his accomplishments during his diving career.

Greg Wheaties Front

“It’s so iconic, everybody looks at the Wheaties box and it’s such an honor,” says Louganis. “I can’t wait to see Janet’s and Edwin’s boxes too. I’m excited for them as much as myself. What great company to be in. Edwin’s always been a hero to me. It’s such an honor to be in this group.”

In this audio clip (also available as video), he told me he was overwhelmed by the recent interest from many of his fans, who said they wanted to see him on a Wheaties box someday.

Greg Wheaties Signature

You can listen to my entire interview with Louganis, here.

In addition to being a U.S. Olympic track and field champion, Moses has held the titles of sports administrator, diplomat and businessman.

Moses says he’s honored to add Wheaties Legend to his list of accomplishments.

Edwin Wheaties Front

In this audio clip, Moses talks about what it means to be featured as a Wheaties Legend alongside athletes he competed with and knows personally.

“I was very impressed, because I know it’s a very prestigious honor to be on the box of Wheaties,” he says. “Several icons in track and field, and people that I know, have been on the box – starting with Bruce Jenner in 1976 – so it’s quite an honor to be included among that subset of athletes.”

While he’s not sure where or how he’ll display his Wheaties box, Moses says he is happy with the look of the box he’s featured on.

“I think the photograph that was chosen is really outstanding and says it all. I think my fans will really appreciate the gesture from Wheaties,” says Moses. “And I think maybe 10 to 15 years from now people will still have those boxes.”

Edwin Wheaties Signature

The exclusive Wheaties Legends boxes for Evans, Louganis and Moses will be in U.S. stores next month.

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