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PODCAST: Andrew Zimmern

Andrew Zimmern, the host of the “Bizarre Foods” franchise on Travel Channel, doesn’t just spend his time looking for food worth talking about. He’s also a business owner, teacher and board member of several organizations.

And he’s been spending some time with us at General Mills, as you see in this video.

For our “A Taste of General Mills” podcast this month, we give you an interesting conversation about the food industry and food culture with Zimmern and John Haugen, the vice president and general manager of 301 INC, our business development and venture capital arm.


John Haugen, 301 INC, with Andrew Zimmern.

You’ll learn:

-Why Zimmern wanted to work with General Mills

-The parts of the world where he draws personal food inspiration and excitement over food history

-What region helps him learn how to solve food problems more than any other

-Where he took a group of General Mills employees in Minnesota to provide them “an adventurous experience” in food

-The most bizarre food he’s eaten in the last year

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SHOW NOTES – Episode 9: May 23, 2016

Video: “Andrew Zimmern at General Mills” (2:08)

Link: Andrew Zimmern

Link: 301 INC

Link: “The power of food passion”

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