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Nature Valley’s encouraging new path

While the Nature Valley brand name is synonymous with the great outdoors, there isn’t much nature – let alone a granola bar – in its new campaign.

It’s not a permanent shift. But it is intentional.

A new commercial, titled “You Can Do This,” features people sharing words of encouragement during everyday moments.

Another video, featured on Nature Valley’s Facebook page, is titled “We’re With You” and features smartphone video clips of people sharing encouraging messages to loved ones.

The sharing of simple, but inspiring messages is exactly what the brand team hopes you’ll do after watching the videos.

“Instead of focusing on our product benefits and the physical energy we provide, we want to use our advertising to inspire people to share words of encouragement with others to provide emotional energy,” says Blake Holman, associate marketing manager. “There’s power in letting people know you’re with them. We want to create a movement of people supporting other people.”


Shortly after Nature Valley posted “We’re With You” on Facebook, the brand started seeing followers tagging friends and sharing messages of encouragement in the comments section of the video post.

Blake says a lot of snark exists in the digital landscape and he’s excited to see people being positive, friendly and supportive of others in unexpected ways.

“The stories that are really going to resonate with us are the stories about what happens after someone receives support,” he says. “We’re so early in the process, we’re only seeing the support being given – we don’t necessarily know how people are reacting to that. We haven’t seen the magic that creates. So, I think there’s more to come.”


Nature Valley’s mantra is: Be great out there. And the brand team realizes that “out there” means something different to everyone.

“In our nature-focused campaigns we were only talking about a small portion of the occasions when people eat our bars,” says Blake. “We weren’t meeting our fans in all of the places that they take us and where we are present in their lives. That could be at 3 p.m. when they’re craving something sweet, or before a workout, on their commute to work or at halftime of their child’s soccer game.”

Check out the videos and let us know what you think.

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