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Summer 2016 new product showcase

Our new products hitting store shelves this summer feature innovations from across our brands, led by Yoplait, Annie’s and Old El Paso.

General Mills is committed to serving the world food people love and there is certainly something for everyone to love in our latest lineup.

Learn all about our new products for summer 2016 in this flip book.

As a food company that’s been around for 150 years, introducing new products is just what we do. However, we haven’t always taken the same approach to developing what we bring to market.


According to Peter Erickson, our executive vice president of Innovation, Technology and Quality, we’ve dramatically shifted our entire innovation process in an effort to become what he calls “the best big small food company in the industry.”

Peter recently shared his insights on our new approach to innovation with the New York Stock Exchange.

“It’s about having the spirit of a small company: the consumer-centricity and empathy, as well as the speed and frugality,” says Peter. “When we fully embrace this spirit, we’ve proven that we can increase our speed to market from 24 months to less than 12 months. It’s apparent to us that the closer we get to our consumers, earlier in the development process, the more successful we can be on delivering foods that meet their needs.”


Old El Paso BOLD Ranch Flavored Taco Shells

This shift in mindset comes at a time when consumers are changing what they want faster than ever.

Our product development teams are working hard to learn from them by shopping alongside them in grocery stores and farmer’s markets, even cooking together in home kitchens.

Another consumer engagement technique we’re using more often is “lemonade stands” where our product developers set up and sell new product concepts in traditional places like grocery stores, to not-so-traditional places like farmers markets and fitness centers.


Totino’s Pizza Sticks

The goal is to learn what customers like and dislike earlier on the development cycle. The teams take that feedback to one of the company’s technical centers and make refinements before rolling products out on a larger scale.

The result is better, on-trend innovations that really are meeting a consumer need.

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