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Annie’s has Organic for Everybunny

The knock on organic food has always been that it’s not affordable or hard to find in the grocery store.

But with more and more people choosing organic, Annie’s is working to change that perception with a new campaign that trumpets its expansion with 30-some “show bunnies” running loose in a grocery store.

“We don’t think organic should be reserved for certain social or economic demographics,” says John Foraker, Annie’s president. “That’s why we’re putting a stake in the ground and making organic more accessible for more people in the U.S.”

Since General Mills acquired Annie’s less than two years ago, the brand has expanded into seven new categories, including soup, traditional cookies, yogurt, refrigerated baking goods, cereal, baking mixes and frozen sandwiches to serve this growing demand.


“When Annie’s joined General Mills, we did so with the goal of bringing more of our great tasting, organic products to more stores and more people across the country, with zero compromise to our company mission,” John wrote in a post on LinkedIn. “If you’ve been following our progress, I think you can see we are doing exactly that.”

Annie’s is rolling out nearly 30 new certified organic products this calendar year.

“Even as our quantity of offerings increases rapidly, no compromises to Annie’s brand standards have been made – in fact, our quality and mission focus is higher than ever,” says Dan Stangler, marketing director for Annie’s.

Despite the expansion, a survey by Annie’s found that only 25 percent of people believe that organic versions of foods they love are readily available at their grocery store. And only 23 percent believe they can afford organic foods. Annie’s wants to change these misconceptions.

The campaign explains how the Annie’s brand has expanded into all these new categories. In a nod to Bernie – Annie’s bunny mascot –  and food democracy, the campaign is titled “Organic for Everybunny.”

The voice-over in the 30-second online ad, which launched last Friday, is to the point:

“Annie’s just doesn’t make organic food. We make the foods you love organic. And you’ll start seeing a lot more of them around your stores soon.”


The video was shot at night in a Minneapolis grocery store for about 10 hours and featured about 30 bunnies who were brought in by a local handler who typically entered them in bunny shows and pageants.

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