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Tortilla Tour: Hotter than a jalapeño

Actor Danny Trejo and his new sidekick – a miniature version of Trejo’s tough-guy self – can’t seem to agree on which soft tortilla is better. But in a light-hearted mano a mano – or in this case taco a taco – encounter, the pair agree on one thing: Both Old El Paso Stand ’N’ Stuff and its smaller version – the Mini Stand ’N’ Stuff, are wise departures from the traditional tortilla.

Why? Because they are easy to fill, hold and eat.

Watch The Grand Mini Stand ‘N’ Stuff Tortilla Tour, which debuted this summer in Europe.

A versatile tortilla

We’ve all probably struggled with traditional tacos. This version is shaped like a bowl with a flat bottom, making it easier to fill with meat, sauce, cheese, onions and lettuce.

En garde: A mess-free meal.


Arsen Kilibaev, Old El Paso brand manager for Europe and Australasia, says Stand ’N’ Stuff has been a great success in Europe.

“A companion product like Mini should be just as successful.  And because of its smaller size, Mini is even more versatile,” Arsen says.


The tortillas arrived in Spain a year after their U.S. intro. They’ll be found in Europe next month, and soon in Australia.

Trejo and his adversary

Mexican-American actor Trejo has been a common thread in recent years as Old El Paso has stressed authenticity and fun while playing Trejo against type. He’s best known for portraying villains, or tough characters with a soft heart.


In this video, Trejo’s adversary – a young lad who resembles Trejo right down to the black threads, jewelry, boots, mustache and ponytail – must stand on a wooden crate to see eye-to-eye with the real Trejo.


Watching Trejo’s character drop to his knees and weep early in this video, then shrug it off in the next scene, will bring a smile.

Grand Tortilla Tour

Trejo and his young opponent form an uneasy alliance on the “Grand Tortilla Tour.”

They journey through Mexico, competing before cheering crowds to prove who has the best soft tortilla. Trejo touts Old El Paso Stand ’N’ Stuff. Mini-Trejo, naturally, prefers Mini Stand ’N’ Stuff tortillas.


Ultimately, the two reach an alliance, showing people that standard or mini, Stand ’N’ Stuff is the no-mess solution to a wonderful meal experience.

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