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Which Monster Cereal will get your vote?

The Monster Cereals vault has opened again! And this year, it’s also election season.

Boo Berry, Count Chocula and Franken Berry all vant your vote!


For the first time, our three more friendly-than-frightening Monsters are vying against each other in hopes of being elected to the position of America’s favorite cereal Monster.

While only one cereal Monster can win the prestigious title, voting fans also have a chance to win some sweet treats. The eerie-sistible election prizes include a chance at a $5,000 grand prize or instant prizes like DJ wireless headphones, cases of Monster Cereals or retro Monster t-shirts.

Monster Cereals fans can cast their vote for Boo, Count or Franken and follow the polls at

Monster-Cereals-Election-PlatformsFor this election, there are no write-ins allowed – sorry Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy fans.

If you’re not sure which cereal party to vote for on taste alone, check out each Monster’s platform.

Boo Berry says, “While my opponents cry over spilled milk, I’m the only candidate who has stayed true blue to you! Unlike these two scaredy cats, I’ll be fearless in my pursuit to scare up even more frightful fun for you. Don’t be haunted with regret; vote Boo for a ghostly good breakfast.”


Count Chocula ensures cereal fans that they can count on him: “I may be afraid of things that go bump in the night, but have no fear, spooky shadows and fearful frights won’t keep me from delivering the goblin’ good chocolate you crave. So, fly to the polls and choc one up for the Count.”


Franken Berry thinks he was made to win: “For years I have stood tall against Count’s countless accusations that his cereal is better than mine. Now I’m ready to take charge and show Count once and for all who’s the berry best. Make the electrifying choice and bank on Frank.”


In addition to learning more about the pros and cons of each cereal Monster’s leadership abilities, you can also download campaign posters at


The election-themed Monster Cereals boxes will start their campaign tour to grocery stores at the end of August.

It’s a relatively open primary. Any resident of the U.S. who is 13 years of age or older can vote for their favorite Monster and have a chance at winning a sweet prize. See the full list of rules.

While Boo Berry, Count Chocula and Franken Berry cereal will be available for purchase in Canada, they will not be part of the Monster Cereals election campaign in the U.S.


Voting ends on October 31, 2016, and the spooktacular winner will be announced on the campaign website November 1, 2016 – the sweepstakes ends June 1, 2017.

So, which cereal Monster do you think will win the popular vote?

Cast your ballot at and tell us who you voted for in the comments below, or on Twitter and Instagram.

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