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Fueling education in hungry kids

At No Kid Hungry, we believe every kid deserves a healthy breakfast. This single meal has the extraordinary power to unlock a brighter future for our children.

Research shows that when kids consistently eat breakfast at school, attendance rates improve an average of 1.5 days more per school year, math test scores rise up to 17.5 percent and they are 20 percent more likely to graduate.


The simple act of feeding hungry children healthy school breakfasts can have a dramatic impact on their academic, health and economic futures.

Many kids face school on empty stomachs 

Only about half of the 22 million kids who qualify for a free or reduced price school lunch also receive breakfast, even though they’re eligible for both meals. That means kids are opening their textbooks on empty stomachs. Hungry kids simply can’t learn.


There are a number of reasons kids aren’t getting school breakfasts. Sometimes breakfast is served before the bell. Kids struggle to get to school early enough in time to eat. Sometimes, breakfast is served in the cafeteria, and hungry kids skip it because they feel singled out when separated from their other classmates who are heading to class.

Working so more kids start their day ready to learn 

No Kid Hungry is working with a growing number of local and national leaders in school districts, cities and states across the U.S. to make breakfast part of the regular school day. No-Kid-Hungry-girl

Our efforts are working. With the support of partners like General Mills, we’ve helped schools launch new in-classroom breakfast programs, so that millions more breakfasts are served to kids in need. We’ve achieved critical success in feeding kids breakfast in communities that include New Orleans, Dallas, New York City and Los Angeles.

There’s more work to be done toward ensuring kids have the food they need to focus during their school day. With General Mills’ support, we’ll continue our work to make breakfast a part of the school day.

Together, we will strengthen future generations, one meal at a time.

Editor’s note: This story is the first in a series of featured posts by leaders working in partnership with the General Mills Foundation to increase food security. No Kid Hungry is a campaign of national anti-hunger organization Share Our Strength.

General Mills has a longstanding commitment to helping ensure that children are food and nutrition secure, beginning with breakfast. We are the leading manufacturer of federally WIC-eligible foods, with more than 300 products meeting the rigorous nutrition requirements of WIC, a USDA program for women, infants and children.

Our Convenience & Foodservice division provides K through 12 schools with wholesome and convenient breakfast foods and snacks that can be served before or after the bell. Since 2015, General Mills has provided more than 3 billion nonfat and low-fat dairy servings through Yoplait and other yogurt brands, as well as more than 15 billion servings of whole grain through Cheerios and our other leading cereal brands.

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