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Amazing teen introduces you to Go Big yogurt

When Yoplait created Go Big, a new, large yogurt pouch, the brand team involved teenagers in every step of the process, from product research and creation to creative.

So it’s not surprising that Go Big’s first ad campaign features a real teen and not an actor.

But not just anyone. An amazing teen.


“To launch a product campaign that truly talks to teens, we wanted to build credibility through their personal experiences,” says Betsy Frost, business unit director. “As we developed Go Big with real teens, we were constantly wowed by their amazing accomplishments. It was a no brainer to lean into their inspiring stories and highlight real teens who are crushing it single-handedly.”

Through a news search of teens doing amazing things in their communities, the Go Big team found Brianna Cabrera, a 16-year-old high school student from Chino, California.Go-Big-Teen-Brianna-Pole-Vaulting

Not only does Brianna excel in school and on her track team, but she also volunteers her time training guide dog puppies for the blind.

An animated video, narrated by her mom, follows Brianna from the pole vaulting pit, to school and home, with Go Big’s new large yogurt pouch fueling her along the way.

“Words can’t express how proud I am of Brianna and her accomplishments,” says Kimberly Cabrera, Brianna’s mother and the principal at Don Antonio Lugo High School. “She works very hard. She does so much not only for her academics at school, but for her school community. When I was contacted about this it was almost too good to be true.”

Kimberly was honored to be involved in the campaign with Brianna.

She says, “I didn’t expect when all of this started that I’d be able to do this with her. I thought it was just going to be her. But it was such a great opportunity to be able to involve our family, because it is about our family. She is a superstar within our family, but it takes all of us, and it takes our family dynamic to do all the things we’ve been able to do.”

Sharing Brianna’s amazing story is just the beginning for Go Big. The brand team believes teens across the U.S. have amazing stories to tell.

Now through November 4, 2016, parents can enter their tween or teen into Go Big’s Amazing Teens Contest.


Through an entry form on Go Big’s Facebook page, parents can share why their child should be the next teen featured. The winning teen will not only have their story told through Go Big’s campaign channels, but will also receive $3,000 to help fuel the amazing things they are doing.

Hear why Kimberly thinks the Go Big contest – that encourages parents to take a moment to celebrate their amazing teen – is so important, in this audio clip.

Inspired by busy teens like Brianna, Go Big’s portable pouches contain four ounces of yogurt in each individual pouch and are twice the size of Go-GURT tubes.


The new product features easy to open, “grip-and-rip” packaging that tears along a perforated edge. It’s available nationwide in the yogurt aisle. Sold in boxes of eight pouches, Go Big retails at $4.99 and is available in four flavors: strawberry, mixed berry, cherry and peach mango.

To learn more about Go Big’s Amazing Teens Contest, visit Facebook.com/YoplaitGoBig.

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