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An a-maze-ing tribute to our 150th anniversary

Our year-long 150th anniversary celebration just got more a-maze-ing.

Bloomsbury Farm in Atkins, Iowa, opened an eight-acre corn maze last month featuring the logo that we’re using for our anniversary.


Why Iowa?

“General Mills has a big plant near us, in Cedar Rapids,” says Bloomsbury Farm owner Karen Petersen. “They had a small event out here last year, and afterwards I went back and Googled the company and I saw that this year was going to be your 150th anniversary. I thought that would be a really neat idea.”

Hear from Petersen and get a peek inside the maze, in this video.

After ‘planting’ the idea with our Cedar Rapids leadership team, and getting approval, Petersen worked with the MAiZE design company to make their General Mills corn maze a reality.

While Petersen liked the 150th logo, she says she got the bug to add more to the monumental maze.

“General Mills sent us their logo, we looked at it and sent it our maze designer. It was really cool, but I thought it needed a little extra,” she says. “I was watching TV and I saw the honey bee (BuzzBee, for Honey Nut Cheerios) commercial again and I thought I’m going to put the honey bee in the maze. So, we asked the Cedar Rapids plant and then got it approved. The bee just adds so much to it.”


Before it’s official opening, General Mills employees and their family members were invited out to the farm to go through the maze and enjoy the other attractions the farm offers.


“It was a gorgeous day to get our General Mills family together to celebrate our 150th anniversary,” says Rue Patel, plant manager, Cedar Rapids. “We’re honored that Bloomsbury Farm featured General Mills and BuzzBee in this year’s maze. It’s great to have the community join in our celebration.”

Petersen says she enjoyed celebrating the maze with General Mills employees.


“It was a great day. They came out and did all of the activities on the farm,” Petersen says. “We had pictures of the maze set up on their tables so they could see it from above. And they also brought out 500 cupcakes with the 150th logo. It was cool, we had a great time.”


Between the design process, planting and maintenance, Petersen estimates the General Mills corn maze took about six months to create.

By the time it closes, after the first weekend in November, Petersen estimates around 17,000 visitors will have made their way through the maze. It takes about an hour and a half to get through – if you play the puzzle game and don’t get lost.


And it’s not just a walk through corn stalks.

The maze features two raised bridges where visitors can get a beautiful view of the acres of corn swaying in the breeze.Corn-maze-from-bridge

Bloomsbury Farm has featured corn mazes honoring sports teams, brands and communities for around 12 years. This year, a smaller maze adjacent to the General Mills one honors the 50th anniversary of Peanuts cartoons (Charles Schulz, the creator of Peanuts, also has a Minnesota connection. He was born in St. Paul).


To learn more about Bloomsbury Farm and the General Mills 150th maze, visit or their Facebook page.

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