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Breakfast with love = Cereal con Cariño

Latino cultures are deeply rooted in the idea of spending time together over a meal.

However, many of today’s millennial Latino parents don’t have the same time their parents did to make fresh meals every morning.

“Cereal at breakfast is often viewed as a solo meal. We wanted to challenge this notion. Although it’s a quick meal, cereal gives you more time for the cariño,” says Leigh Lovett, senior marketing planner, Cereal.

In Spanish, cariño means love or affection.


“When you’re rushing in the morning all you need is a spoon, milk, bowl and cereal and you can have a moment with your kids to talk about the day ahead,” Leigh says.

Big G’s “Cereal con Cariño” program spotlights the care and affection that parents put into everything they do for their families.

“General Mills’ mission is to serve the world by making food people love, and we believe that food brings people together,” Leigh says. “Cariño can happen anytime. Cereal con Cariño celebrates those moments when families eat together, laugh together and share experiences.”Cereal-Con-Cariño-Cereal-Boxes

To tell some Cereal con Cariño stories, the Big G team enlisted Latino personalities such as Jeannette Kaplun, an award-winning parenting author, TV personality, mom and blogger.

A series of videos, hosted by You Tube’s Spanish channel, El Guzii, feature Kapun and bloggers Silvia Martinez, Sarah Reyes, plus Juan and Anjelica Cazares. They launched this month in line with Hispanic Heritage Month. An additional video will be released on Día de los Muertos. 

Watch the first Spanish video of the series about cariño with friends, here.

This video, in English, focuses on cariño traditions within families.

The videos are aimed at connecting with Spanish-dominant and bilingual audiences to reinforce the ideas that cereal can be a shared experience that helps create emotional ties with family.

“Cereal con Cariño focuses on this family connection, telling stories from luminaries in the Hispanic community and giving people a chance to share their own stories on how cariño has manifested in their lives and families.”

Last month, our Cereal team was in Los Angeles for Fiestas Patrias, five public holidays celebrated in Mexico. They’ll be back for a Dia de los Muertos – Day of the Dead – event this Saturday, October 29, from noon to midnight, outside 6000 Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles.


If you’re in the area, stop by our booth to grab a sample of your favorite General Mills cereal and share your Cereal con Cariño story.

To learn more about Cereal con Cariño and Día de los Muertos recipes, visit QueRicaVida.com.

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