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The busiest day to search for recipes

With Thanksgiving upon us, today marks the highest traffic day of the year for several of our websites, including,, and Qué

We expect more than 3 million visits across these platforms in the U.S., which marks the highest traffic day across each of these sites – about three times the normal traffic.


“Thanksgiving truly kicks off the holiday season for our platforms,” says Amy Halford, director of owned media and publishing. “The team has worked hard to make sure we have our users covered – whether it’s how to cook a turkey or green bean casserole or how to bake a pumpkin pie.”


“Thanksgiving through Christmas is by far the busiest time for people to search for recipes,” says Amy.

Dec. 23 and 24 are the second and third busiest days of the year for our sites. Over the past 15 years, General Mills has built these web properties into a top 5 media platform.

The focus is on food

Although all of the General Mills websites have instructions for how to cook a turkey, each are slightly different. The directions on, for example, are more detailed while the Pillsbury and Tablespoon sites have a different approach.


Qué Rica Vida – which means “What a rich, wonderful life” in Spanish – starts from the very beginning:  an explanation of what the tradition of Thanksgiving is all about.


While there are a lot of tried and true recipe favorites online, our websites also have many new wrinkles.

“Every year we work to take the best of the year before and make it even better,” Amy says. “We have a long history on the platforms and have built up a library of 50,000 recipes so each year we add to our arsenal and curate the best from seasons past.”


This year, added even more how to content like “how to cook a turkey” and “6 ways to beautify your pie,” along with “10 brilliant bring-along desserts” and an assortment of sides. That follows last year’s debut of its Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet, to bring all the tips, tricks, tools and how-tos to one easy section.

Pillsbury has added “Easiest Ever Thanksgiving Recipes,” “No Fail Turkey” and “17 Amazing Twists on Pie,” among many others.

Qué Rica Vida is focusing on “Thanksgiving My Way” which offers a fusion of traditional Thanksgiving dishes and Latin flavors like Turkey with Mole.


Amy’s team has gained many valuable insights over the years based on consumer search habits on our sites.

“Consumers are consistently looking for a combination of convenience and to build their confidence in the kitchen,” she says. “Many millennials are looking for tradition with a twist and need a little extra information about how to actually cook but they want it in a snackable and entertaining format.”


Amy also says her team has found that ‘hacks’ are very popular pieces of content and try to offer creative tips, techniques and combinations to meet their needs.

Through search data, we’ve even learned a lot about Thanksgiving recipe preferences by state.

Such as:

  • Minnesota searches for more stuffing recipes per capita than any other state
  • Texas and California are spicing up their Thanksgivings with more searches for  “chocolate caliente” than any other states
  • Wyoming and New Hampshire are searching for sweet potato recipes more than other states while sweet potato pie is more commonly searched for in the south
  • North Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado and Nebraska have the highest index of cranberry sauce searches than any other state


From the consumers who buy our products in the grocery store to the those who bring our recipes to life in their kitchens, we’re honored to be part of your holiday traditions.

“I’m most proud of the fact that every year we hear from consumers how our ideas and tips helped them to create memories with their families and friends. They don’t have to write in and share these stories, but they do, and they do it with gratitude,” Amy says. “What we are doing helps to make peoples’ time with their families more special and that warms my heart beyond words.”

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