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The most popular holiday foods in each state

Since food plays such a big part in your gatherings of family and friends, this month in the U.S., we thought it would be interesting to show you what’s on the menu in each state.

We aggregated the holiday season search data from several of our websites, including and, to find out the most popular and unique holiday food traditions.



Click on the infographic above to enlarge the image. You also can download it, here.

Apparently peanut butter cookies are a big hit, as people in three states (New Jersey, New York and Virginia), and in Washington, D.C., were frequently looking for those.


Pinwheels also are a popular state search, topping the list in Kansas, Missouri and North Dakota. Popular regional foods include Sopa de Res in Nevada and Texas, and flan in Arizona and Florida. In addition, Louisiana loves shrimp appetizers, California often looks for Caldo de Res and Hawaii likes to look for guacamole.

As we close out our 150th anniversary and celebrate the holiday season, we want to see how you’re creating special memories with family and friends, and honoring your holiday traditions.

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When you’re done sharing your photos, take a moment to look at our photo gallery and enjoy some togetherness over the shared love of holiday traditions posted from around the world.

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