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Upscale sandwiches coming to U.S. schools

How about a Mediterranean hummus panini sandwich? Or one made with Banh mi chicken ciabatta? Or perhaps the curried egg salad ciabatta?

Schools across the U.S. are starting to elevate their sandwich offerings. This month, our K-12 Foodservice team introduced two new Pillsbury breads to schools across the country: Panini and Ciabatta.


The roll-out of these breads come with a host of recipes and videos that make these sandwiches look as delicious as anything you’d find at a popular fast-casual or quick-serve restaurants.

“These new Pillsbury breads give schools a high quality, easy prep solution to serve the popular sandwiches that kids see and love outside of school at some of their favorite restaurants,” says Monica Coulter, corporate chef for General Mills Foodservice who works closely with K-12 schools. “Sandwiches are a top choice among students but can be challenging for staff.”


With the new Pillsbury breads, schools don’t need extra equipment or labor in order to offer a variety of hot and cold sandwiches. The panini comes pre-grilled and just needs to be heated in an oven while the pre-sliced ciabatta simply needs to be thawed before serving.


Our research shows that nearly three times as many students eat lunches (32 million per day) at school than eat breakfast. For several years, General Mills has been working to increase our product offerings at lunch.


And as with all of our products served at lunch and breakfast, the new Pillsbury breads meet the USDA’s standards for school meals. In addition, since both breads meet USDA whole grain-rich requirements, they help schools round out their menus with a whole grain-rich option.

They are also made with no artificial flavors or colors from artificial sources.


Over the years, our K-12 Foodservice team has built a strong rapport with school cafeteria workers – referred to as “Cafeteria Heroes” by the team. The “Pillsbury Simply A+ Sandwiches” glossy recipe book prepared for school chefs contains a heartfelt opening note from Monica, who works closely with schools.


Already earning an A+ on school menus, the new breads are being used by Shaker Junior High in Latham, New York, to serve up the school’s new signature burger as well as its pre-wrapped sandwiches with panini sandwiches on the menu for January.

“Not having any children of my own, I was surprised when I was assigned to the K-12 segment,” wrote Monica, referring to when she joined the company in 2004. “I had no idea this role would awaken such a lifelong passion. I discovered that I adored you all – foodservice workers – your collaborative nature, your heartfelt dedication and just all-around sense of fun.


“To be able to combine my love for creating healthy foods with figuring out ways to support busy operators and their teams while helping feed children has truly made this position my dream job.”

If you’re a K-12 foodservice operator interested in learning more about our products, visit GeneralMillsCF.com or call 1-800-767-5404.

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