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What’s up with granola cups?

When it comes to granola, Nature Valley has bars, biscuits, bites and beyond.

The brand’s latest granola goodness comes in a cup.

Can’t quite visualize a granola cup? Watch this video (and prepare to get hungry).

The cups are a delicious combination of creamy nut butter and crunchy granola, leading to a multi-texture eating experience that your senses are sure to love.

I reached out to Roy Bechtold, on our research and development team, to learn more about this indulgent granola innovation.

Roy has worked for General Mills for 22 years, and in our Snacks division specifically for five. He works on everything from ideation to innovation through the entire creative process.

Many of our ideas come after talking to consumers about what they’re looking for in the food they eat.  For instance, through talking to consumers, Roy’s team learned that almond butter and multiple textures are elements that snackers covet.

Nature-Valley-Granola-Cups-box“Dual or multiple textures are very important to people. They want some creaminess, they want crunchiness or they want crispiness and chewiness – things like that,” says Roy. “They want to experience something different, so multi-texture was a very important part of the inception.”

Then, he says, how to deliver on those needs is trial and error, with lots of prototypes and taste testing.

Roy sums up the year and a half process, in this audio clip.

He told us it takes a village to bring an idea to life. “There are a lot of teams involved and the key is to stay close to all the key partners and meet regularly.”

Lindsay Backer, marketing manager for Nature Valley, says there’s close collaboration between marketing, and research and development.Nature-Valley-Granola-Cups-peanut-butter

“We embark on a journey to develop and deliver remarkable food to the consumer that’s different than alternatives in the marketplace,” she says. “And we believe we’ve achieved that with our new granola cups.”

Roy agrees: “It’s fun to watch people in taste tests take a bite of the granola cups and see their eyes light up,” he says. “Watching consumers during a test, and hearing them say, ‘I love this, where can I get it?’, that’s really fun. I think this really is a food that people will love.”

Learn more about the new granola cups at

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