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Yoplait Custard lovers: It’s back

Yoplait Custard yogurt was discontinued several years ago. Ever since, we’ve received calls to bring it back. Then there were emails. And lately, tweets.

As the requests kept flowing, Yoplait was eager to listen. But the team also wanted to make it the way people wanted and remembered it – as consumers described it, a delicious yogurt.


Now, Yoplait Custard lovers, it’s back on store shelves.

We decided to bring it back, but also to listen to consumers and modernize it in the way they wanted,” says Priscilla Zee, marketing manager for Yoplait. “For example, we heard that they wanted the package to be a different shape, something that resembled more of what they would eat real custard out of.


“Beyond packaging, we wanted it to be the same great taste that consumers missed, so we stayed very true to the original recipe,” says Priscilla. “Consumers, however, will appreciate that now there are no colors or flavors from artificial sources and no high fructose corn syrup.”

Jeanine Bassett, vice president of Global Consumer Insights, shares more about how we connected with consumers to bring custard back, in this audio clip.

The brand team was happy to make Yoplait Custard fans’ dreams a reality. And, they literally brought two wishes to life.

Whitney from Tulsa, Oklahoma, had her dream tweet answered when Yoplait recreated her childhood bedroom from top to bottom and filled it with Yoplait Custard.


Whitney’s family provided Yoplait with boxes of her real childhood keepsakes that were featured in the room – everything from her old trophies and books to drawings she made when she was a child. Yoplait added some new items that reflected her childhood favorites.

It took about six hours to set up. Here’s a time-lapse video of the process.

Whitney’s mom planned a fun day to get her out of the house. Her mom also told her they were going to take a family picture when they returned home. When they arrived, Whitney’s sister told her that her Christmas present was in her room.

Watch the video of her surprise.

“It was amazing to be able to surprise Whitney and even better to see her reaction when she realized Yoplait Custard is finally back,” says Priscilla.

Yoplait also surprised a super-fan named Molly.


Visit Yoplait.com to learn more about the return of Yoplait Custard yogurt.

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